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Posted: Jun 3, 2020 @ 10:15 am GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 11:37 am GMT-0600
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You can check out the build notes and information here, but iRacing have also produced the video below for you to watch:

I had to read this a few times to understand it, but here is what iRacing have done with legacy cars/tracks:

Beginning with this software update, June 2nd, we will be making an adjustment to our content pricing structure for new members only. Additionally, this change is in regard to free content only. Again, this change will not impact current memberships (both active and inactive). With our growing list of free content, we decided to add a discounted price point for a portion of it to help cover the costs for new members only.

This update only applies to new memberships. If you were a member prior to June 2, 2020, your membership will be grandfathered in for this new pricing. As you already have access to this content (even if you have not downloaded it) you will not incur an additional fee to use it.

All Rookie Content: Cars and tracks used for our Rookie series will continue to be free for new subscriptions, in addition, some other select content will remain free. There still will be a healthy list of free content.

Legacy and Other Free Content: These are cars and tracks that are not typically used in an official series and typically were replaced by a more current version of the content. They are often noted as “Legacy” in their title as a differentiator from the current version, but not always, if the original name itself is still unique. Under the new model, these Cars will be $2.95 and Tracks will be $4.95. Legacy content that is used in our Rookie series will remain free. Legacy content is not eligible for our standard volume discounts.

Once again, this change will not impact current memberships. This is only for new memberships as of June 2nd, and will have no impact on those who were members prior to that time.

We appreciate your understanding as we endeavor to keep iRacing a healthy business for many years to come. Again, this change does not impact any current or past member reading this today.

It should be noted that in our dozen plus years of selling iRacing, we only have made one price change to our content, and that was to drop the price. We have never increased the price of our premium content, even though our costs keep rising significantly, especially over 12+ years. We have been able to more than make up for increased costs, with increased growth.

We have added a current full price list to our BETA UI, so you will be able to see the list price of all content, whether you own it or not. Currently you can only see the prices of content you don’t own.

It’s unfortunate that this only applies to new members, and I am a little confused why that would be. But regardless, the fact is that new members can now join iRacing and buy outdated and/or replaced content for $2.95 (cars) and $4.95 (tracks), except where that content is given to them freely already. Clear? Good.

Still, as a member it’s a little annoying that I still have to pay full price to check out a piece of content I never owned that they don’t consider to be current anymore. Seems odd to me…

Header image: John Hughes (iRacing).

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