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Posted: May 2, 2024 @ 10:31 pm GMT-0600
Updated: May 2, 2024 @ 10:32 pm GMT-0600
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iRacing today released a fourth update for their 2024 Season 2 update, removing EasyAntiCheat (EAC) as our Anti-Cheat Software provider and enabling Epic Online Services (EOS) instead. This rolls forward a previous rollback as they have now fixed the issues from earlier this year.

Build notes:



Paint Shop

The sponsorship for Heusinkveld has been updated.



Anti-Cheat Software

With this release, iRacing is restoring implementation of Epic Online Services (EOS) as the Anti-Cheat Software in effect. EasyAnti Cheat (EAC) is disabled.

– – No action is required for customers to take in order to make this switch.

– – With thorough in-house testing of multiple versions of EOS, we have confidence that the issues resulting from EOS at the 2024 Season 2 Release have been resolved.

– – If you begin to experience new or previous Anti-Cheat Software issues, please reach out to Customer Service and let us know!

iRacing Weather System

Improved the audio for ambient rain effects in stadium areas.


Some additional crash logging has been added for zippy events.


Some PopcornFX code has been updated.

Fixed a rare issue with PopcornFX rendering.

Pit Stop

All cars with multiple tire compounds have been updated with improved logic that immediately updates the tire compound checkbox statuses.

– – The system now allows you to deselect a tire checkbox when the tire compound is different. When deselecting a checkbox while the compound is different, the system now changes the tire compound back to what is on the car currently.

– – The pit crew now immediately recognize when tire checkboxes have been changed, and immediately start a pitstop when a tire compound change is toggled. When the checkbox changes, it is now immediately effective, more like how a black box operates.

Improved some pit stop detection scripting.


Your spotter’s visual acuity has been improved, and he will now let you know if you’re using the wrong tire compound for the current wetness conditions while you are gridding instead of after the race has started.

When you jump the start of a race, the spotter will no longer inform you of the exact duration of your hold penalty, because he was often incorrect due to its variability.

The spotter call for having a car in front or behind you pitting may now only be called once every 10 seconds.

Active Reset

Fixed an issue where the Active Reset sounds were pitch-shifted.


Fixed an issue where an unrealistic steering column torque value generated by crashing the car could adversely affect the controls.

Pedal vibration effects are now blocked when you are not driving.



Dallara IR18

iRacing setups have been updated.

Ford GT GT2 / GT3

(GT3) – The allowable caster range has been increased to allow for some very low rake setups to pass tech inspection.

(Both) – Fixed an issue where the dashboard display was extra dark when transitioning from day to night lighting.



Algarve International Circuit

(Moto & Moto – Chicanes) – Fixed an issue where the slowdown penalty for taking the outside of Turn 5 was 35 seconds instead of 1 second.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

(Open Wheel Oval) – Track grip has been adjusted to increase performance on the bottom of the track.

Nürburgring Grand-Prix-Strecke

Reduced visual popping that could occur on the signs at the BMW pedestrian bridge.

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