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Posted: May 19, 2021 @ 08:59 am GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 01:21 pm GMT-0600
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Studio 397 released a new build today, improving their rFactor 2 simulation with the following highlighted items:

– Automatic Wipers & Lights Option
– Sunflare Improvements
– Auto Exposure Rework (should fix overexposed cockpit lighting)
– Replay Monitor Stutter Fix

Here are the screenshots they added to the post showing those features. Maybe someone can tell me the relevance of the pit garages screenshot though? Is it a track preview? Mundorf Mineralölhandels GmbH und Co. KG are a German company (you can see them on the orange fuel stations). Maybe I have missed that on a track already released though…

You can see the release notes for the new public build below. A new ‘release candidate’ build will soon be available to those who have opted in to receive them

Steam Build IDs

Client 6660506
Dedicated 6660508


Added SteamID of each client to race results logs generated by a Dedicated Server
Fix issue with Attack Mode overlay information not correctly resetting.
Stopped AI playing wipers when in Garage
Added automatic headlight and wiper settings for player.
These show as an extra step in the key toggles (Headlights: Off / Auto / On) or (Wipers: Off / Auto / Slow / Fast)
Skip Auto option when the setting is disabled
Added a message about windscreen wiper state to the message centre. Don’t show a message if the vehicle does not have wipers.
Auto Headlights and Windscreen Wipers are forced on if no key is assigned”
Fixed issue where automatic gears would require a false top gear to correctly downshift for some vehicles
Report steam branch and build number on startup


Fixed spacing for weather info in HUD


Renamed Anti-Aliasing options to show the amount of MSAA applied.
Adjust Sunflare strength so that they work with different field of views
Added a blend out at screen edge to smooth transition of Sunflare going off screen.
Fixed an issue where a texture sampler would not set correctly
Fixed an issue that DigitalFlags would behave as Marshals online
Reworked Auto Exposure to reduce the calculated exposure “bouncing” around in different conditions
Enabled Auto Exposure in Cockpit Cameras
Fixed Water not rendering on TV Screens
Removed GPU V-Sync option from Graphics Configuration settings
Updated Environment Reflection Settings
Low/Medium/High/Ultra settings which increase refresh rate and resolution.
Ambient light probes now allow for more advanced blending options
Fixed stuttering on Replay Monitor screen.


Added sector and lap timing to full screen replay bar.
Updated the styling and alignment of the full screen replay bar.
Fixed UI stopping updating when clicking repeatedly on the track map in the event screen.
Corrected the display of FXAA to On/Off
Fixed the units to seconds for displaying Transparent Trainer Lead Timer
Fixed the display units for Low Speed Information to show a percentage
Fixed race countdown not always showing for a multiplayer race.
Fixed showing the maximum time for a single player race before the race start.
Improved formatting of time durations.
Fixed issue where RealRoad setting was carried over from previous track selection in session setup screen
Fixed an issue where some tracks would not show in game due to having packed SCN files which were not valid track layouts
Added Auto Blip, Auto Lift, Hold Brakes, Hold Clutch, Repeat Shifts, Start Engine, Auto Wipers and Auto Headlight settings to difficulty screen


Fixed some minor issues with sample ModDev content
Added pop up (mod dev & scene viewer only) / logging to paths where the RRBIN file fails to load
Force an update after loading RRBIN in scene viewer or moddev so that it shows correctly straight away.
Updated default RRBIN filename scene viewer / moddev tweakbar rollout
Setup a stable and beta version of Max Plugins 2021. Stable is the last fully tested internally. Beta is built to the absolute latest code.

The new Public build is available on the standard release branch of rFactor 2 within Steam (Betas – None). Players can chose to opt into this build version by right-clicking on rFactor 2 in the Steam Library list, selecting options – betas – none from the drop-down list.

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