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Posted: Oct 27, 2020 @ 09:41 am GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 12:21 pm GMT-0600
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Developer Kylotonn today released their first update for WRC 9 to the Epic store. It adds six (three, plus three reverse layouts) new stages to Finland, New Zealand driver Hayden Paddon’s Hyundai i20 WRC and a brand-new photo mode.

A second free update will include the highly-anticipated co-driver mode and is in-development now.

Patch notes below video.

New Content

6 new tracks for Finland

A brand-new photo mode

One new team and livery (Team Paddon)

General Fixes

Fixed driver card information sometimes not displayed

Fixed crash in spectator mode

Fixed crash when giving up a race

Fixed crash when trying to create a club

Fixed crash when entering a daily challenge

Fixed crash when accessing the last page of clubs

Fixed split screen related crashes

Fixed other various crashes

Fixed invisible Spain tile during installation even though we have the dlc

Fixed infinite loading when losing connection while searching for an online lobby

Fixed issue where the user remains stuck in neutral position when starting another race after the host as left the previous one

Fixed navigation issue in the main menu

Fixed issue that dismissed crew member instead of putting them in the reserve

Fixed issue where the points already earned on a challenge is reset when giving up on the same Challenge

Fixed issue where the sound of engines could disappear during a race

Fixed cases where the indicator of race progression was stuck

Fixed Copilot voice significantly louder than the other audio

Fixed message box appearing at all times after restarting a Training Challenge

Fixed wrong constructor logo issue in career HUB

Fixed several respawn issues

Fixed various vegetation and level building issues

3 chances to win WRC3 at the start of a new career are now not restored when closing the application

A placeholder image is no longer displayed on Oscar Solberg’s Contract upon starting a new career

In the cockpit and dash POV while using the Bonus Porsche vehicle, odd and erratic sounds are no longer emitted within the cockpit

Fixed jittering in replay mode

The Slot 01 of career mode is no longer overwritten without warning by creating a new career after the tutorial

Fixed wrong preview of training sessions

Fixed collision with one of the towers in

Added right texture on the radiator of the Lancia Delta

Fixed NPC clipping through a vehicle in the Rally menu with the Volkswagen team

The name and nationality of a race can no longer exceed the limited zone when an event is started

Updated the dirt on the Alpine A110

Added missing collisions on various objects

Fixed several LOD transition

The map on the pause menu now appears correctly in the core tutorial and the WRC3 tryout

Fixed floating vehicle on the side of the road

Fixed various showroom display

Fixed various audio issues

PC specific fixes

A blocker no longer occurs when two users use the same Epic Games account

Fixed windows key related crashes

Fixed crash when the application was launched in multi display

Fixed crash when disconnecting a controller during a race

Fixed freeze when changing the main screen several times

Fixed cropping issue with ultra-wide resolution

Fixed cursor offset with resolutions different than 16:9

The game can now be launched with Nvidia GTX 400 and 500 series Graphics Cards

Fixed various cursor navigation issues

PlayStation 4 specific fixes

Fixed Trophy Race Master (unlock and description)

Fixed Trophy Challenger (unlock)

Corrected misleading connection error messages

Xbox One specific fixes

Fixed the issue that prevented to see the full list of created clubs

Fixed soft lock when returning to the Xbox Home menu after searching for an online lobby

Fixed issue with Xbox One trophy sync

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