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Posted: Mar 22, 2024 @ 12:13 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Mar 22, 2024 @ 12:14 pm GMT-0600
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Funselektor, creators of Art of Rally, has announced a new management game set during “the golden era” of open-wheel racing. While there is not an awful lot shown in the screenshots or trailer below, this era (presumably the 1960s or 1970s) did feature massive developments that would be a very interesting thing to play through in the same vein as Art of Rally. However, if it lacks that historical detail I am concerned about the depth of the game. We’ll see where this goes!

You can wishlist the game on Steam.

Listed features:
– Become Team Principal of a racing team in the tumultuous Golden Era of Open-Wheel Racing
– Choose 1 of 10 teams to lead to victory
– Make pivotal decisions that shape the destiny of your drivers and the performance of your cars
– Allocate your budget wisely across drivers, support staff, car development, and sponsorships to gain an edge over the competition
– Each season brings thrilling challenges with over 14 races
– Visually captivating and intuitively designed interface that lets you focus on what matters most, strategy and growth

Announce trailer:

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Press release:

Funselektor announces their new minimalistic racing strategy game: Golden Lap!
Manage your own iconic open-wheel racing team and blow your rivals away!

Vancouver, Canada — March 20, 2024 — Go back in time with Funselektor’s new racing strategy game Golden Lap — developed together with indie studio Strelka Games — and become Team Principal of a racing team in the tumultuous Golden Era of Open-Wheel Racing. Manage your team in style and oversee thrilling races to pave the road to victory season after season — available on Steam later this year!

Relive the legacy of Open-Wheel Racing’s Golden Era
In this strategy-driven motorsport management game you’ll step into the fashionable shoes of a legend in the making — although this time you’ll stay behind the scenes instead of sliding behind the wheel yourself. Golden Lap offers sleek, minimalistic visuals and an intuitive design as it hands you the reins to your very own iconic racing team during the golden era of open-wheel racing. This is your chance to prove your worth as a strategic mastermind by making pivotal decisions and shaping the destiny of your team to leave your opponents in the dust!

Dune Casu, founder of Funselektor, can’t wait to reveal more of his team’s take on the motorsport management genre. “After two releases with Absolute Drift and art of rally, we wanted to try something different while staying true to our passion for racing. We’re taking that opportunity with Golden Lap, which serves as a throwback to one of the most iconic eras of motorsport when it was exciting and dangerous in equal measure, teams were experimenting with designs, and drivers were notorious both on and off the track.”

Lights out and away we go!
Just like in real life, you’ll have to allocate your budget across your drivers, staff, cars and sponsors at the beginning of every season. Each year, a number of races take place that give you the chance to perfect your strategy during both qualifying rounds and major races, from tuning your cars to timing your pit stops. And when your team is not racing, you’ll be responsible for the crucial task of managing and improving your cars as well as your team’s overall standing. Can you maintain a winning streak throughout the years, or will you have to make an epic comeback?

Later this year, start climbing the ranks within the fast-paced motorsport world in this deeply engaging, minimalistic simulation on Steam! After the launch of Absolute Drift in 2015 and art of rally in 2020, this will be the third game for Funselektor and founder Dune Casu, and the first to be co-developed with the Italian studio Strelka Games. With both previous racing games becoming beloved indie titles with a total of more than 15 million downloads across all available platforms, Golden Lap is sure to race its way into people’s hearts as well!


About Funselektor
Funselektor was founded in 2014 when Dune Casu developed the prototype of what would later become Funselektor’s debut title at a game jam: Absolute Drift! After the release of his first game in 2015 and with the drive to apply his passion for rally in a new game, Dune immediately began development on Funselektor’s second title, art of rally, while continuing support for Absolute Drift.

Now, in 2024, Funselektor is back with another racing game, this time delving into the management simulator side of things with Golden Lap!

About Strelka Games
Strelka Games is a game production company that builds games from scratch and is dedicated to delivering memorable gaming experiences. The team frequently collaborates with other developers, both leading projects from start to finish and adapting to the partnered company’s direction. With a group of producers and developers specialized in delivering high quality games and a large network of amazing professionals, Strelka Games offers whatever is necessary for the project at hand!

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