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Posted: Jan 24, 2024 @ 10:32 am GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 1, 2024 @ 10:38 am GMT-0600
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BeamNG have released two hotfix updates for that I have not yet posted. Here are the changelogs for both updates.

0.31.2 Changelog:

Autobello Piccolina
Fixed rear seat L Cargo Load Box being incompatible with the rear trunk Box
Fixed vented hood type D missed backfaces, missed wheelie bar
Burnside Special
Fixed #literallyUnplayable front signal flares misalignment by 4cm
Civetta Bolide
Removed broken powerglow skin
Cherrier FCV
Fixed no texture gauges with certain part combinations
Gavril D-Series
Fixed wrong deformGroups on long bed couch straps
Fixed wrong name on locking front differential
Gavril T-Series
Fixed sleeper rear door skin UV on cabover variant
Removed rear cab support bar on aero and sleeper, replaced with daycab ones
Fixed glow map leak issue on steering wheel
Removed spot mirrors AO burn
Fixed physics instability in conventional cab doors when the door glass was removed with the mirrors still installed
Ibishu Covet
Fixed marker lights not working on trailer body
Ibishu Pigeon
Fixed the Cargo Load Box description and value
Ibishu Pessima
Fixed the Sport intake not providing extra power
Fixed dually square rear wheels receiving no power and spamming console errors
Fixed Civetta Competizione wheel textures breaking on cars with a powerglow skin
Fixed skidplate wheels not working on any vehicle except Covet
Container Trailer
Fixed rear bumper retract bolster lock pins having wrong position when equipped on the 20ft variant of the trailer
Added ability to add top container couplers to containers, and use them to make stacked 20ft configurations via parts selector
Fixed missing wheel breakGroups
Improved stability of 40ft container
Dry Van Trailer
Moved marker lights above the doors to be road legal
Fixed bogie rail not handling heavy loads well
Flatbed Trailer
Fixed brakes still working after wheels broken off
Box Utility Trailer
Fixed marker lights not working
Large Box Utility Trailer
Fixed marker lights not working
Large Cannon Prop
Removed collision from rigidifier node which was catching on tall vehicles
West Coast, USA
Fixed parking slot in commercial garage area
Fixed position of the ON screen in commercial garage office
Fixed fence-hoarding mesh
fixed bollards, sidewalk and navgraph in Nodeoline fuel station
Fixed collision in front of sewerage
Fixed gas station signs
Derby Arenas
Fixed concrete arena spawn point
East Coast, USA
Fixed spawn points
ETK Driver Experience Center
Fixed default spawn point
Industrial Site
Moved positions of track and drift spawn points to be suitable for semi-truck and trailers
Moved the positions of the airport spawn points to be suitable for semi-truck and trailers
Fixed some conflicting parking spots in West Coast USA
Low air pressure warning thresholds in JBeam are now relative to ambient pressure
Improved low air pressure parking brake behavior
Improved starter- and shutoff-sound handling for engines with large inertia
Added additional T-Series splitter and center diff input actions for use with specialized input hardware
Hydraulic pump doesn’t engage automatically anymore when just high idle is being used without hydraulic control inputs
Improved high idle turbo behavior
Fix coupler logic error that prevented the container from releasing from its trailer
Fixed the inability to load your custom vehicle configurations if “Include custom .PC configurations” checkbox was disabled
Fixed the Parts Manager displaying some lists in the wrong order (even after the previous fix), such as the wheels dropdown
Fixed part transparency issues on switching main part’s child parts when setting visibility (clicking eye icon) of parts
Fixed Marker icons showing wrongly after switching level sometimes
Changed T-Series splitter icons to more fitting ones
Decal Editor
Fixed projection for path layers in world editor tool
Fixed projection for brush stroke layers in world editor tool
AI & Traffic
Fixed some cases where the Waiting UI screen would get stuck after spawning traffic via the radial menu
Vehicle Editor
Fixed spamming errors when vehicle doesn’t have props for the “Lights Debug” tool

0.31.3 Changelog:

Bruckell Moonhawk
Fixed missing texture on the nosecone on some variants
FPU Wydra
Fixed literallyunplayable™️ typo indescription
Gavril Grand Marshal
Fixed texture issues on stock right exhaust
Gavril Roamer
Fixed facelift tailgate not closing after opening
Gavril T-Series
Fixed ram plow UV issue and increased texture density
Fixed cargo load box attachment points on flatbed and box upfits
Improved ram plow collision
Tweaked FFB and power steering
Ibishu Covet
Fixed trailer fuel tank meshes being on wrong sides
Fixed not showing broken fuel tanks UI message
Fixed fuel still being transfered after the trailer broke off without damaging the fuel tanks
Ibishu Miramar
Fixed Jbeam issues with door mirrors
Ibishu Pessima (1988-1991)
Fixed carbon fiber hood not closing correctly
Ibishu Pessima (1996-2000)
Fixed issues with rear seats and fuel cell
Wentward DT40L
Fixed ram plow being invisible
Tweaked power steering
Flatbed trailer
Added ability for bogie to latch on the last available position on 48ft trailer
Cone prop
Removed the ability to remove the cone completely in parts selector
Refueling now ignores fuel tanks with the “Air” type
Fixed literallyunplayable™️ typo in CentalHospital bus line
Input & FFB
Fixed engine ignition V and handbrake Space bindings sometimes disappearing (usually after driving the Gavril T-Series)
Fixed AI in Sawmill Brawl race mission
Early Preview: Career Mode
Fixed issue where some part slots could be missing from the part shopping menu in some cases
Fixed some issues with garage parking spots where vehicles could be placed in the wrong position
Vehicle Livery Creator
Fixed texture fill layer projection when using a scale value of less than 1.0
Fixed selected material being wrong in some cases (e.g. for the Gavril Roamer – Sheriff variant)
Fixed error when trying to open world editor in main menu
Fixed error where the tool was referencing a missing shape
Fixed the tool writing an empty json file even if no brushes have been created
Replaced a nice placeholder skin price with an elite value
World Editor tool: Changed the name of the tool in the ‘Windows’ dropdown from Dynamic Decals to Vehicle Livery Creator
World Editor tool: Link in news window now refers to forum thread
World Editor tool: Also allow JPG decal textures rather than just PNG files
World Editor tool: Fixed the table of contents sorting in the documentation window
Improved compression brake sounds for remastered T-Series
Game Engine
Fixed 2 common application crashes

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