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Posting this item late due to sickness. Apologies for the gap in coverage (whole of February, 2024).

In what they have stated will be their last update for a couple of months Reiza Studios (last month) released their v1.5.5.5 and v1.5.5.6 updates (both changelogs below) for Automobilista 2, calling to a close developments on new track art, v1.5 physics developments, and introduces another batch of AI improvements.

Save for some force majeure issue or a minor hotfix over the weekend this should be our last public update to AMS2 for at least a couple of months as we switch focus to new longer term developments.


Implemented local blue flag for track flag panels in live play
Fixed safety car being loaded in events with flag rules disabled
Fixed FCY options being enabled when flag rules are disabled; Added warning to user if their flag rules setting change would introduce a scheduled FCY
Trackside vehicle beacon lights will now flick on when there is a full course yellow
Fixed issue with the ‘Get closer to your lead’ timer wouldn’t work for the race leader during full course yellow; Display the remaining time allowed to catch the car ahead during full course yellow sooner
Fixed engine always being stopped during pit stops
Changed Max Visible Vehicles algorithm to use lap distance distance and weight towards other vehicles in the pits when viewed vehicle is in the pits and vice versa

Added missing translations for Scheduled Full Course Yellow setting and correct hide it when disabled by rules setting
Added event preset for Endurance Brasil 2023

Minor tire tread adjustments to Caddilac DPi, P1 (both gens), P2, P3, P4, GTE, GT3 (both gens), GT Open, Porsche Cup, F-Trainers (both), GT Classics, Copa Classics, Lancer Cup, F-Inter, F-Ultimate Gen1, Group A, Group C, BMW Procar, Stock Opala 1986, Stock Omega 1999, Caterhams (Supersport, Superlight & 620R), Hypercars, Supercars
Revised FFB for F-Ultimate (both gens), F-Reiza, P1 (both gens), P2, P3, P4, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2023, BMW M1 Procar, GT Classics, Group A, Aussie Racing Camaro
Minor aero adjustments to LD variants of Group C & GT1 cars (lower drag & slightly more drag lift leading to more accurate top speeds and overall performance)
Adjusted effects of drafting for both player and AI ( generally draft is more powerful than before)
Adjusted dirty air effects to compensate increased overall draft effects (overall still more perceptible turbulence than before)

Added track-specific logic to narrowing AI corridors
AI corridor narrowing is now disabled for AI immediately behind player & for AI going through lapped traffic
Adjusted dirty air effects to compensate increased overall draft effects (overall still more perceptible turbulence than before)
Reduced effect of water saturation on AI grip levels
Reduced AI simplified peak slip angles for all modern slicks
Slightly increased AI pull urgent out rate & speed thresholds while running off the ideal racing line
Revised all AI tires to reduce front / rear grip split (for cars with larger rear tires) to reduce high speed understeer issues & general AI advantages in traction (especially rain)
Further AI brake usage adjustments to LMDh, P1 (both gens), GTE, BMW Procar
AI calibration pass for BMW Procar, F-Trainers (both), GTE, Hypercars, P1 (both gens), P3, P4
Daytona: Disabled AI speed boost at the bus stop chicane which could occasionally contribute to AI losing control there
Barcelona 1991: Recalculated corridors (ahould fix AI drivers stopping on track when retiring)

Le Mans: Added seasonal meshes roadsigns; Adjusted arrow signs; general mapping/blending corrections; Added remaining buildings & TSOs; Adjusted static objects; Further LOD tuning; Further trackside camera adjustments
Added 3D trees to Monza (all versions)
Added track flag panels to Jerez & Cascais
Fontana: Reverted trackside cameras adjusted for Gil de Ferran tribute back to modern cameras


Added increase pit status weighting of max visible vehicles selection
Turned off start lights when there is a full course yellow
Fixed crash when accessing rules screen directly from MP lobby (already hotfixed for main release)

Minor tire tread adjustments for F-Retro Gen3, Lancer Cup, Copa Classics, Copa Uno, Hot Cars
Further minor tire tread adjustments to GT3 (both gens), GTE, GT4, GT5, GT Open, G55 Supercup, G40 Cup, Mini JCW UK, Sprint Race, StockV8 (all seasons), Super V8, Caterham Superlight & Supersport
Further adjustments to drafting effects (reducing shape of the wake generated by the car in front so car behind needs to be more squarely behind it to get the draft & dirty air effects)
Revised FFB for F-Junior, F-HiTech (both gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), Caterhams (all models), Street Hyper, Street Super, Street Camaro SS

Adjusted AI corridors for several tracks & corrected V1.5.5.5 error causing many of the corridors to be narrower than intended
Further adjustments to AI tire wear & resulting performance degradation
Generally increased AI loss of performance from running slicks on a wet track
Further adjustments to AI overtaking thresholds
Adjusted thresholds for AI to concede position when challenged
Further adjustments to AI pull out rate for more fluid overtaking moves
Further adjustments to AI brake usage for GTE, GT3, LMDh, P1 (both gens), F-Classic (all gens), F-HiTech (both gens)
Adjusted AI launch performance for Brabham BT52, F-Classic Gen1 Model2, Mclaren MP4/5B, MP4/7 & further adjusted MP4/6
Removed / reduced AI speed boosters at Bathurst 2020, Buenos Aires 6S, Nurburgring GP, Silverstone GP, Donington & Oulton Park (all layouts)
Hockenheim 1988: Fixed a problem with retired opponent vehicles or debris unable to return to the garage, becoming stuck on the track.
Interlagos (all layouts) added minor AI corridor fraction adjustment
Further AI calibration pass for F-USA Speedway variants (all gens)
AI calibration pass for F-Junior, F-Ultimate Gen2, Copa Classic FL, Hot Cars, GT5, Ginetta G40 Cup

Hockenheim 1977: Fixed garage dividers hidden in some session; Reversed the pit box order
Hockenheim 1988: Fixed duplicate crowds in race weekend
Kansai: Minor adjustments to Digital flag placement

Corrected height offset in several Copa Classic models setting them higher than they should
Porsche 911 RSR 74: updated tach values
McLaren Senna: Fixed missing glass roof issue
Cadillac DPi: Fixed missing cockpit details issue

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