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Reiza released a new update over the weekend, adding the Brazilian Stock Car 2024 roster and an overhauled F-Ultimate Gen2 (modern Grand Prix car), updated rules for those cars, and visual improvements to water and 3D trees at various circuits. The update also adds the Betonschleife short track to the Nürburgring DLC pack.

V1.5.5.6 -> V1.5.6.1 Changelog

Added Stock Car Pro Series 2024 season
Added revamped F-Ultimate Gen2 (new 3D model & updated physics, sounds)

Added Nürburgring 1971 Betonschleife layout (part of Nürburgring DLC)

Fixed some types of engine component damage not applying additional repair time in pit stops
Fixed CTD on New Championship screen when a saved custom champ template contained content that is no longer available such as when mods are uninstalled
Enabled offline dust particles
Added high fidelity water shader (circuits featuring it listed under TRACKS below)
Crowds near the track may slightly move now
Fixed wheel visually sinking into terrain in some circumstances
Added replay support for Track Flag Panels (new replays only)
Added custom DRS rules for F-Ultimate Gen2 (available after lap 1)
Added event preset, championship and points system for Stock Car Pro Series 2024
Adjusted Mandatory-Pitstop-Open-Lap to equal lap 5 and scaled Minimum-Race-Length to equal 15 mins for Stock Car Brasil Championships 2019-2023

Added new control bindings & ICM for onboard differential adjustments
Updated F-Ultimate Gen1 icons
Fixed incorrect label on Audio Device input when disabled

Revised FFB for F-USA Gen1-4, F-Vintage Gen1-2, F-Retro Gen1-3, F-Classic Gen1-4, F-Vintage Gen1-2
Adjusted pitstop repair times for clutch, turbo, radiator, oil leak, coolant leak, engine misfires (all vehicles)
Increased engine & gearbox pitstop repair times for all Formula vehicles
Added onboard diff adjustments for F-V10 Gen2, F-Reiza & F-Ultimate Gen1 & Gen2
Adjusted fuel consumption for Stock Car 2019-2024

Fixed issue where the AI wouldn’t repair engine damage during qualifying or practice
If AI car pits in for major mechanical damage (such as engine damage) it may now decide to retire instead of always rejoining the race
Slightly reduced likelihood of a full course yellow being triggered by an AI incident during the final 3 laps of a race
Updated Stock Car Pro Series 2023 Ai driver performance levels based on finalised championship positions
Enabled more agressive defensive moves by AI cars in F-Ultimate Gen2 & Stock Car 2024 classes

Added 3D trees near trackside for Adelaide (both), Cascavel, Curitiba, Guaporé, Ibarra, Londrina, Taruma, Velocittá, Curvelo, Goiania, Interlagos (all versions), Londrina, Salvador, Velopark, Velo Cittá
Updated water shader & adjustments to suit it for Azure, Cleveland, Long Beach, Montreal (all versions), Interlagos (all versions), Buenos Aires, Daytona, Oulton Park, Cadwell Park, VIR
Ibarra: remodelled outer terrain for better geographical accuracy, better detail vs polycount balance. New water shaders, 3D foliage; reworked billboard foliage, new ground & road textures, seasonal foliage (green/dry)
Cascavel: Adjusted terrain meshes, materials and textures, updated 3D & billboard foliage, fixed UV mapping on curbs, added a bunch of new buildings, removed couple temp stands and added grandstand on the terrain slope, tweaked road materials & textures, AO pass on terrain and buildings
Curitiba: Updated roads, terrain, walls, foliage visuals
Azure: Fixed a granstand lod pop visible when exiting the tunnel; Corrected a digital flag panel export settings
Montreal: Fixed digital flags in sector 3
Jacarepagua: Fixed mountains clipping in VR and some other issues.
Le Mans: LOD adjustments near the Esses and Mulsanne corner
Londrina: Fixed pit exit junction on long layout
Nurburgring 1971: Update hedge material
Added VR cameras for Jacarepagua 1988, Jacarepagua 2005, Jacarepagua Oval, Jacarepagua SCB, Jacarepagua Short, Jerez Chicane, Kansai Classic, Kansai West, Kyalami Historic, Oulton Park Classic, Oulton Park Island, Outon Park Fosters, Spielberg Short, Spielberg Vintage, Taruma Chicane, Velo Citta Club Day and Velo Citta Track Day

Set matching pitcrew team outfits for F-Junior, F-USA Gen1-4, F-3, Porsche Cup, GT Classic, Copa Montana, Sprint Race, Cadillac DPi, F-Vintage, F-Retro, F-Classics, F-HiTech, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza (all Gens) & F-Ultimate Gen1, LMDh, GTE, GT3 (both Gens), GT4, GT1, Group C, Group A, Super V8, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2024, MINI JCW, GT Open, GT4 Supercup, G40 Cup, GT5, Vintage Touring Cars T1-2, BMW M1 Procar, Prototype P1 Gen1-2, P2, P3, P4, ARC Camaro, Copa Truck, F-Inter, Copa Classic B/FL, Stock Car Brasil 1979/86/99, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Hot Cars, Old Stock Race, RX, Formula Dirt, Kart Cross
F-Ultimate Gen1: Updated steering wheel display
Nissan R390 GT1: Fixed LOD bug in normal and LD variants
F-V10 Gen2: Increased polycount for cockpit tires & fixed right front tire position
Corvette C8: Extensive visual overhaul including accurate body paint colors, fully revamped lights, 3D blurred wheels, reworked cockpit textures & materials for higher detail level
Corvette C8.R: Adjusted rear calipers position
Mercedes 190 Evo2: Added adjustable rear spoiler

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