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Announced back in September, 2021 the Logitech G Edition of the Playseat Trophy features an adjustable seat for height and support, pedal plate and steering angle that is designed to allow a variation of seating positions from reclined to upright. The Logitech G Edition features a grey body, Logitech logos and some blue highlights.

I’ve been using a Playseat Evolution Alacantra since 2020 largely because it was the only option I could find available to purchase that year. It’s done the job despite what can be described as an unreasonable amount of flexing in the pedal plate and rotation at the base of the wheel mount that made any direct drive wheel option impractical. When Logitech contacted me shortly after announcing their PRO Direct Drive Wheel to ask if I wanted to review their cockpit I hoped it would be a significant upgrade and also be a better option to support a Direct Drive wheel.

Construction & Adjustments

I spent around an hour putting this together with the help of my youngest daughter and a Siberian Husky. You could probably do it faster. The instructions were clear and everything needed was included. A strap to add additional lower back support was unused because it seemed longer than the one shown in the instructions. You end up, once everything is put together, with a seat, wheelbase mount and pedal mount. There is nowhere to mount either a screen (which I would not want anyway to avoid transferring vibration) or shifter, although Playseat do sell a Gearshift and Handbrake holder that attaches to the side of the frame near your thigh.

While I’m not the sort of person who will ever change the seating position of a cockpit once I have it set, not that you’d want to anyway because of the annoyance of having to remove the lower part of the seat each time, I do appreciate the adjustments available to me with this cockpit because due to limited space I do share a monitor for both my desk and cockpit. My monitor is held up by a separate stand and I basically lift out the desk and slide in the cockpit whenever I want to race.

I’d recommend first setting the chair incline and wheel angle before adjusting pedal distance because the pedals can be adjusted in a larger number of ways than anything else. It’s very easy to find a comfortable position initially, but after an extended period over a couple of weeks I felt that in a more reclined seating position the wheel is a little high. Not only that, but I noticed that the back of my knees were starting to feel the pressure from the lower end of the seat and this was actually impossible to get rid of because if I adjusted that pressure away then the support of the chair itself was gone.

The cockpit has an appearance of being ‘fold away’-capable, but in reality it really isn’t. Folding the top of the chair forward to near the wheel (and having to remove the velcro sides of the seat, then two bolts to do that) doesn’t give anything like the amount of space saving I would require to see it that way.

I am moving it over carpet but I think it’s important to mention there are no feet to the cockpit that would prevent damage to a hardwood floor. The box does contain some single-sided velcro stickers that I assume are intended to be used for this.

Materials & Visuals

Despite the relatively lightweight feel to the rig when assembled I do feel fully supported when seated. There is certainly far less flex in every part of the frame compared to the Evolution and I feel comfortable now in using a Direct Drive wheelbase for the first time. However, I am able to slightly move the pedal plate relative to the frame if I give full force with my hands and although I don’t currently have any loadcell pedals to test with and assume it would be fine I would certainly check what other reviewers are saying about that. It’s nothing like the issues I faced with the old cockpit and doesn’t noticeably flex when driving with any pedals I currently own. I also think that if your pedals had any sort of plate on them then mounting plate to plate, the pedal plate likely wouldn’t be able to flex.

I spent a long time and developed a number of tricks that involved mostly wooden blocks to overcome the flex and movement issues of the Evolution cockpit that this has replaced when only using a force feedback wheel. I’m incredibly happy to be able to find a cockpit that just functions as designed with the direct drive equipment I have and looks incredible doing it. While I can appreciate the function and price tag of an Aluminum Extrusion DIY cockpit or indeed an office desk and chair I do prefer something that looks purpose built and I honestly don’t see anything better looking on the market within a similar price range. The Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition has a small footprint width-wise, but is quite long. It would visually fit in the majority of sim rooms or even front rooms.


Playseat proudly state that all editions of the Trophy are compatible with “all wheels, pedals, and all consoles” and I don’t see anything to indicate that the Logitech-branded version favors their wheel bases or pedals. The mounting plates for both the wheels and pedals are full of holes. I was able to mount both a Thrustmaster and Logitech wheel base and pedals with ease.


I do consider the Logitech PRO direct drive wheel and pedals to be over-priced, but with a $599 MSRP I feel this cockpit is great value even though there is room for improvement. I overpaid a seller around this same amount for my old Playseat Evolution because I wanted a cockpit and there simply wasn’t stock of anything else during the great sim racing boom of 2020.

There are other quality items I’ve seen from other brands that may use more sturdy materials or that has a greater feature set but there appears to be a cost associated with that making it impossible with this price range. Indeed, I’d prefer it if this cockpit had a solid seat like the Playseat Evolution over the velcro and fabric solution, and I would prefer it if the cockpit had a fully upright GT-style position it could be shifted into. But for what it is, this is a great looking cockpit at a decent price that has a good set of adjustments and features like being sturdy enough for direct drive, but won’t make you any faster all by itself. You need to be comfortable and you need something sturdy, that’s all. If you can afford this? It’s worth it, although I am concerned about long-term comfort.

You can purchase the Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition today.

The Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition was supplied free in exchange for a fair review.

You can check out the video version of this review below. It does include some additional footage and information.

*** Video will follow. I’ve been sick and left the actual video editing to the last weekend when I ended up not feeling well enough to do anything. ***

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