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In a video filmed at the ADAC SimExpo event (embed below), GamerMuscle has featured the soon-to-arrive new physics and tire model for Raceroom by KW Studios. The video, posted last week, is well worth a watch. Here are the bits of info that the KW Studios programmer, Thomas Jansen, gave during the interview that may be important to know:

– New model should be on all cars by the end of Q4, 2023
– More progressive and dynamic grip improves overall handling
– “quite a few months” of development time
– “Bump Amplification” setting gives less dampened FFB/DD feedback

Obviously it’s difficult to tell anything much from the video, and I’m a bit disappointed not to get more technical information, but it is excellent to see Raceroom taking a step forward in core development. I am sure KW Studios will preview the changes with one of their terrific preview deep-dives very soon!

View this video on YouTube: and please consider subscribing to RSC’s main channel.

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I'm torn by this!

On the one hand, I get the broad view that RRRE isn't up to scratch with other sims out there, but on the other I've come to really enjoy racing in RRRE and don't want to change that!!

I've always thought of RRRE as the spiritual successor to PCars2 - a lot of the cars are similar for sure, and in that, it's good racing and predictable physics. Once you get used to the game it's very playable.

Maybe a good uplift, we'll see, it's a much underrated game for sure so I hope this helps raise its profile.

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I just hope this is a sign they will be improving the graphics sometime

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Genuine question...
What's up with the graphics? (not trying to start a flame here, I am genuinely curious!)
I know that's a highly subjective question as we race different equipment, but I have really no issues with RRRE and the graphics, and I consider how a game looks pretty important.

For instance, RF2 - I just couldn't get that game to look anything this generation and would rate RRRE above that, even above AC without some serious optimisation through CS with Sol etc.
I'm guessing it's a framerate issue or something? I race 60fps locked on a 65" TV at 4k using a 3080 Ti (and 5ghz Intel PC), and it looks fantastic as far as I can tell.

I've never really got a straight answer, most replies dive into lambasting my setup (without understanding why I race that setup).

Anyway, curious!

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I want to see improvement in replays. The graphics are sharp and fine for driving but I would like to see some post effects for tv views and stuff

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Ah, yeah, that makes sense - I gave up on a decent replay!
Worse, I did a ghetto bass shaker setup (crazy cheap actually) and it does its thing throughout replays, which is weird.

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