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Posted: Jan 30, 2021 @ 05:15 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 12:38 pm GMT-0600
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Reiza Studios today released Austmobilista 2 v1.1.1.0 on Steam. This adds Ginetta G40 to the GT5 class and its own G40 Cup class, brings substantial physics tweaks, AI developments, general fixes and corrections as well as a significant update to LiveTrack functionality.

You can view the changelog below the screenshot.

V1.1.0.5 -> V1.1.1.0 CHANGELOG


Added Ginetta G40 to GT5 series
Added Ginetta G40 Cup series


LiveTrack now maintains rubber state between sessions.on a race weekend (rather than resetting to a “green” track at the start of every session)
Reduced base grip from a green track & increased grip range to max grip state


Added option for German localization
Fixed wrong description on ‘Edit HUD’ menu option
Adjusted size and layout of ICM strategy menu to make current strategy more readable
Fixed scrollbar on Start Championship list
Fixed incorrect heavy fog icon
Fixed Race sessions showing practice length on lobby detail page
Fixed Add session start time to lobby detail page
Remove stray icon from formation lap info HUD element
Fixed text alignment of Retired/Pit indicator on replay/spectator leaderboards
Added missing translations for some recently released tracks
Added missing Edit Hud Description, Drive layout, FFB Damping translations
Fixed PIT text overflowing container on HUD leaderboard in some languages
Fixed issue where simulate/retirement screen could become unresponsive when choosing no during exit confirmation.
Adjusted loading screen gradient to provide more positive feedback at lower levels
Added leaderboard class icon for GT40Cup, Group A, JCW, TC60


Further differential & driveline fine tuning; further reduced crankshaft mass (reduces overall engine inertia); reduced axle shaft mass & slightly reduced wheel bearing losses (slightly increases top speed & improves differential functionality)
Further tire tread adjustments for all cars (generally less speed sensitivity, slightly sharper peak slip angles)
Revised tire grip falloff rates when under and over optimal operating temperature, & added rates to several tires that didn´t feature substantial falloff rates
Further revisions to rain tire compounds
Slightly reduced efficiency of slicks on wet surface
Slightly increased tire automatic preheating ratio before race starts
Adjusted optimal temperature ranges for carbon & steel brakes
Adjusted brake heating & cooling rates for all cars
GT3 cars now use steel brakes instead of carbon ceramic
Revised Kart / superkart physics (tires, driveline)
Fixed errors in front tire tread for Fusca Classic FL
Fixed error on Super V8 Hard tire compound
Replaced Roco tire physics to better match the one from its P3 opponents
Slightly adjusted F-Classic G3M1 torque curve
Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards for F1 cars, Porsches, P1 cars (require setup reset)
Minor Procar Group A, Caterham, Porsche Cup & Superkart revisions (require setup reset)
Minor F-V10 G1 / Mclaren MP4-12 aero corrections to front wing yaw & pitch sensivity
Minor adjustments to default FFB (communicates rear end better from vehicle yaw rate developing on turn in and countersteer on rear tyres sliding)
Improved FFB damping function: it´s now non-linear with very little effect in small /slow steering inputs, more on really fast & bigger inputs
Reduced effects of tire flatspots on FFB


Added parameter to callibrate AI traction off the line on a wet surface vs player
Added parameter to control how far ahead AI cars factor lapped cars ahead per type of car
Adjusted AI performance on wet (both on slicks and wet tires), correcting some generally large discrepancies in each case
General AI performance callibration pass for all cars
Further adjustments to AI throttle application for various cars
Further adjustments to AI aggression scalars per car
Further reduced AI lateral jerkiness/weaving/abruptness
General AI callibration for various cars
Bumped AI aggression scalars, reduced AI extra awareness with human scalars to better exploit latest AI code developments & better raceability


Sprint Race: Improved off-throttle pops, further polished engine sound loops
Caterham Academy: Improved off-throttle pops, further polished engine sound loops


Spa: Minor art pass
VIR: Rebuilt collision walls to latest tandards; fixed disappearing pit guy for north pitlane layouts
Velo Citta: Added terrain shadow casters; minor corrections & fixes
Hockenheim: Reduced road mesh noise; Minor bug fixes; Updated TV cameras & added VR cameras to all layouts
Reduced road mesh noise for Goiania, Jerez, Velopark
Interlagos Historic: Minor bug fixes
Cascais: Reduced road mesh noise, Fixed a few LOD pop issues
Montreal Modern:Reduced road mesh noise; minor bug fixes
Brands Hatch: Reduced road mesh noise; minor bug fixes
Spielberg:Reduced road mesh noise, minor bug fixes
Adjusted drone animations & removed excessive number on some tracks


Added 8 new Chevette skins (10 in total)
Added street tire tread for external model of Camaro SS, McLaren F1, Ultima GTR, Copa Fusca, Opala 79 and Opala OldStock
Corrected headlights effect for Mclaren F1 GTR & BMW M6 GT3
Fixed kart LODs to avoid visible opponents legs popping
Further brake glow range adjustment to better match physics heating & cooling rates
F301 and F309: Improved cockpit windshield glass material and rain drops
Sprintrace: Added boot and wing to cockpit
Mini: Fixed wipers not working in cockpit view; Improved cockpit carbon material
Further adjusted backfire parameters (less backfiring when lifting off throttle)
Added visible onboard brake glow for cars with visible brake discs from cockpit
Gol Classic B: Corrected wrong number #94 now #65; 3 teammate skins added
Ginetta G40 Cup / GT5 livery updates to #05 #10 #28 #32 #38
Porsche 991 Cup 2: Fixed small glitch in cockpit model

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