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A new major update has been released for impressive bike sim, TrackDayR, featuring improved center of gravity calculations, more complex suspension, tire contact physics and a reworked helmet camera.


Bugfix on bike selection menu that lock sometimes selecting a skin
New Race MX setup that will allow to choose duration instead of laps (time + 2 laps)
hotfix on GAME MODE selection ( Multiplayer )
small revision of the tap brake simulation code
physics experiment on the influence of ramp slope on roll motion in whips
some other tuning on Throttle gyro and tapbake
improved bike steering control in 0-20Km/h range
New calculation system for realigning the in air motion, based on the rotation speed of the rear wheel.
fixed some behaviors of the physical calculation on pitch in air
bugfix on preload conversion
hotfix on jumpoff tire weight force
new Direct Transmission ( wheel <-> engine )
working on rev limiter simulation
hotfix HFT 750 engine tdr file
new automatic clutch code
change start position code ( now check ground )
bugfix on remote bike start grid positioning
bugfix on local bike positioning workaround so far the bike is locked until gate was open in multy/race
changing hell of sand terrain configuration
improve tire rubber simulation on soft terrains
bugfix clutch with rear brake
new “Balance” mode in options menu (reduce lean limit at it will be used for future disciplines)
new wheel contact system for rigid obstacles
big bugfix on side skidding under 15Km/h
rider position at spawn/start
disable “LEAN OVER LIMIT” crash
hotfix helmetcam on roll corner and stick corner anticipation code.
new default helmetcam values ( do integrity check )
fixed helmetcam override look at damper
reduced jitter on helmetcsm
wider range on look damp
hotfix head look in air
improved low speed error correction
improved helmet camera orientation during whip
bugfix on wheel simulation at zero angular velocity
Fixed historical bug that slowed down bikes at high wheelie angles
New manual clutch push/release separated speed
Added new sequential trick animations (loop on same button)
improved the limiter sound
bugfix on impacts with dynamic obstacles “SX tracks”
hotfix foot animation during whip
fine-tuning of the tire contact area
fine-tuning of the ground drag
other fine-tuning before release
add telegram and discord link on timeattack wining screen
hotfix hand on ground animation

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