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Rainbow Studios have released a new patch for MX vs ATV Legends that improves the consistency of wrecks, quick scrubs and leaning effects, airborne controls and five new expert tracks set in Denver, St. Louis, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Las Vegas.

Yamaha DLC bikes will be released later this month.

Detailed Changelog:

Added Expert variants of 5 more base game Supercross tracks: Denver, St. Louis, Atlanta, Indianapolis, & Las Vegas. The remaining tracks will continue to trickle out in future patches.
Adjusted the huge jump in Overlook National at the top of the track; the jump is now taller and steeper to reduce the high frequency of wrecks when landing.
Adjusted terrain deformation on open world maps to decrease the excessive rut width.
Adjusted the water obstacles in Lechuga Lakes Nations; raised the terrain slightly to reduce wrecking in what should be shallow puddles.

Added Series mode. In Series, the player competes against a consistent roster of riders over a series of events scored by finish position. Players can earn a big payout at the end of the series based on their final standings. Series is a low-friction alternative to Career, allowing players to quickly unlock tracks by playing through each series.
Fixed bugs when remapping while using Single Stick controls.
Fixed missing Reverse action in some configurations during input remapping.
Fixed Bail action with input remapping

Updated data for upcoming Track Pack DLC.
Added data for upcoming 2023 Yamaha Vehicle Pack DLC.

Made additional improvements to the replication of other players positions Online due to differences gearbox/transmission settings.
Fixed the few remaining instances where the lighting/weather conditions could be broken when playing online.

Added 2023 Honda Anniversary Edition parts to 2023 Honda MX bikes.
Added Graphic Kits present on 2021 KTM and Husqvarna to 2023 KTM and Husqvarna.

Fixed issue causing MX bikes to continuously wreck in corners.
Added speed checks to wrecks and near-wrecks, preventing wrecks and wreck animations from playing at particular ranges of speed.
Added near-wreck conditions for landing sideways and landing with too much roll.
Updated the Wreck evaluation system to improve the detection and triggering of wrecks.
Increased suspension wreck thresholds on MX bikes.
Added Quick Scrub variations based when leaning and turning are applied before jump take-off. Each type of Quick Scrub changes the jump trajectory and how far the rider is leaned over at takeoff. For a Regular Quick Scrub push lean and steer in opposite directions at the same time. For an Upright Quick Scrub steer into the jump before leaning in the opposite direction. For a Leaned-Over Quick Scrub lean into the jump before turning in the opposite direction.
Increased the strength of the helpers which return the rider to an upright position while airborne. Releasing the lean and turn controls will more quickly return the rider upright, perfect for recovering from big whips or scrubs, and even flips. This assist is disabled when Pro Physics is enabled.
Adjusted frame collision to reduce sticking on low-friction surfaces.
Increased stiffness of ATV suspension to reduce bouncing.

Rider head looks in the direction of the bike movement when in-air.
Fixed various minor animation bugs.

Fixed an issue allowing the rider to fall into the ground when wrecking.

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