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A series of updates to TrackDayR over the past few weeks have added an enormous number of features, fixes and tweaks to the bike simulation. Changes include new physics, realistic downshifting, time acceleration, bloom, reshade, color correction, lens flare, motion blur, dirt and debris visuals, a hard crash reaction, new bikes, new tracks, remastered tracks, new suits, new helmets and new bike skins.

Major patch:

NEW Added the ability to load normalmap and maskmap externally in the wardrobe
NEW support for NormalMap and MaskMap to helmet
Bugfix backflip with rearbrake
Up to 20 player limit to multiplayer race
NEW lens flare occlusion
Bugfix ( engine stall when starting from standstill )
NEW sitting/standing position synchronization hotfix ( Multiplayer )
NEW handling for drift/flat/powerslide
NEW separate equilibrium options
NEW fade transparent ghost in timeattack
NEW Supermoto category ( tracks and bikes )
NEW Flat category ( tracks and bikes )
NEW per layer dust smoke setup by ini ( examples in andes.tdr)
NEW TAG system for objects in tracks now you can add nodes named
NEW check handlebar hands ( not yet completed )
NEW air/ground transition code rider animation and improved animation pose
Bugfix loading bike skin images
Hotfix that slowed the bike down on micro bumps
Added version to Telegram and Discord notifications
NEW VFX particles in replay
NEW VFX dirt emission direction
NEW avatar menu when changing gear without create a new set
added timeattack blocking with bikes with files corrupted or not vanilla
Hotfix trick blending
Hotfix flying avatar when walking
NEW update wheelie hand drag animation
NEW update nac nac animation and physics


1) hotfix standing position
2) hotfix feet position on the ground while stopped
3) hotfix feet position on the ground while moving
4) hotfix feet position on footpegs
5) hotfix manual clutch with a little smooth for those who use it with the button
6) hotfix tires flat bike intercepted name and enabled vfx
7) hotfix color and smoke transparency of flat tracks ( Utah Flat / Sonora / Woodside )
8) hotfix final timeattack camera ( check collider )


1) Improved accuracy of lean/bend radius ratio
2) Hotfix on front that does not engage in lean
3) Improved front accuracy
4) Hotfix wheelie from sitting
5) Hotfix handling Ohvale 190

Major patch:

NEW REALISTIC DOWNSHIFT – no downshift ability with opened throttle (with sound 😛 )
NEW TIMESCALE also during replay (accelerating time of day with sun, clouds and fog) possibility to adjust from X1 to X500
REMASTERED textures for all SX tracks
NEW small control correction to left stick to adjust trajectory after jump
Hotfix Woops suspension quickcontact
Hotfix landing control
Hotfix crash when pressing A button while loading
Hotfix calculation of vertical air drag
Hotfix lateral air drag calculation
Improved WOODSIDE SPEEDWAY terrain grip
Increased tolerance in falls without lean limits
Improved weight/lever/force management in low-speed maneuvers
Hotfix bike moving at the start
Added parameter on HANDLE to force rider into sitting position on some bikes
load last selected bike skin on start

Minor patch:

NEW Steer management in-air
NEW in-air balance system
Lowered the “incorrect downshift” gear sound
NEW rider position compensation
NEW HFT450 tyre models

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