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Posted: Dec 18, 2023 @ 02:32 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Dec 18, 2023 @ 03:01 pm GMT-0600
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Legion of Racers have worked with Competition Company, developers of Rennsport, to bring their AC track mod to the title as the “first community-featured street circuit” in the title for this week’s 1.7.0 update. The track, a part of the Hyper Drive Cities league/esports events looks decent in the trailer, if a little low-poly similar to the wall at the in-house-created Goodwood, where I’d have expected to see rounded walls/armco.

In any case, happy to see this. The update also adds some online competitions and includes some fixes and tweaks as seen in the changelog below.

Here are a few stills taken from the trailer:

The trailer:

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New content

Added Orchard Road Street Circuit
Added beta liveries


Fixed problem with cars shaking it out on the grid

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)
Fixed issues with car setup which made the car faster than expected

Gameplay features

Implemented Leagues


Fixed problems with stuttering happening on some maps due to light updates


Changed main menu layout
Changed UI background images
Changed in-game loading screen background and layout


Added in-game credits
Fixed problem with yellow flag indicator sometimes blinking
Fixed some problems with car lights not working correctly in some cases
Fixed problem with new content being hidden by filters when car filters were applied in room settings before the patch
Small CPU performance optimizations (more coming soon)

Know Issues

Rolling Start Limitations (No UI to aid the driver in what their position/speed in the rolling start should be (coming soon))
If the master volume slide is at 20 or lower, engine sound is not audible in the Porsche 911 GT3 R

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Seeing this reminds me to say that I actually got my closed beta key for Rennsport last month, only after signing up for a chance at it a year ago and not seeing the e-mail and redeeming the key (which, BTW, it runs through the Epic Games launcher) until a few days ago. Have not gotten into an official race with it yet but in testing one of the first things I can say is that it feels basically akin to ACC lol. Runs on UE5 and it shows, has similar graphical problems as ACC that I like to pick on. E.g. temporal anti-aliasing being the default AA which causes cars at speed to have a ghosting effect and smudges dashboard numbers together, and there's a weird fast-moving film grain/dithering effect on the screen at all times which is somewhat (but not entirely) remediated by using temporal AA and/or low visual effects.

Besides complaining about Unreal graphics, another strange thing I discovered is that car setups don't actually exist yet, so you just run a default base at all times. Means stuff like the TCR cars at Daytona will quickly top out which is lame.

The input and calibration setup for the wheel and pedals looks and works in a nearly identical manner to the way it does in iRacing, which is not a bad thing but it's just kinda funny. Copied homework there a little.

There's a fair few things that are technically available in the main menu but don't have anything within or are 'Coming Soon'. There's 'Custom Contests' for custom races (obviously) but there is no apparent option to host an event and there's nothing in the server list. Time Trials are soon™, and looking under my profile tab, a 'Shop' and 'Friends' are soon™. There's also an achievements page with things listed under the categories 'Play' and 'Compete', but there are also the blank 'Create', 'Engage', and 'Collect' categories. Wonder what'll be under those.

Don't know if I have much more than that to say at the moment.. Need to actually start racing and get a feel for it lol. But overall I'm interested in seeing what becomes of all this. Very curious if there's intended to be some community/user-generated content focus judging by the current inclusion of that Orchard Road track and also a figure-eight called 8ETA both marked as community content, and the above mentioned achievement stuff.

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