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Posted: Mar 28, 1998 @ 02:35 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Nov 27, 2023 @ 02:46 pm GMT-0600
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Bethesda have released a demo of their new drag racing simulation. Grab it from the downloads section.

Here is the readme:

Readme file for Burnout: Championship Drag Racing Demo Version 1.00 3/28/98

Thank you for trying the demo of Burnout. This demo will give you a brief view of the features in Burnout. Many of the features in the full product are disabled or are not available in this demo.

This file contains information and instructions for the demo and information about the full product.

To install the Burnout demo you must follow these steps:

1) Create a directory where you wish to install the demo to.
2) Copy the BURNDEMO.EXE file to the directory or if BURNDEMO has already been run, copy the extracted files to the directory created in step #1.
3) Run the INSTALL.BAT.

If you have a 3Dfx card you will want to run BURNOUT.EXE.
If you don’t have a 3Dfx card, run BURNOUTS.EXE.

To select menu items, left click on them with the mouse move to the item using the TAB (or SHIFT-TAB) keys and press ENTER.

The following controls are active while taking a practice

Steer Left Cursor Left Steers car to the left
Steer Right Cursor Right Steers car to the Right
Accelerate Cursor Up Presses the accelerator
Brake Cursor Down Presses the brake pedal
Line-Lock ENTER key Locks the front brakes only
Shift Up A key Shift transmission up a gear
Shift Down Z key Shift transmission down a gear
Reverse R key Put transmission in reverse
Trans-Brake Space key Locks transmission
Two-Step T key Turn on/off the rev limiter
Parachute Tab key Release parachute
Look Left S key Change the view to look left
Look Right F key Change the view to look right
Look Forward E key Change the view to look forward
Look Backward D key Change the view to look backward
Next view > key Display next view
Previous view < key Display previous

F2 Adjust level of detail or the people around the track.
F3 Adjust level of detail of the buildings.
F4 Adjust level of detail of the smoke.
F5 Turn horizon on or off.
F6 Turn the clouds on or off.
F7 Turn the motion blur on or off (3Dfx version only).
F8 Turn on or off the dash.
F9 Turn the sound on or off.
F10 Quick save the current telemetry data.
INS key Capture a screen shot. This option is available if the -s option is supplied on the command line (i.e. DRAG -s). Screens are placed in the SAVE directory inside the directory in which Burnout is installed.
], SHFT-] Change the horizontal display size.
[, SHFT-[ Change the vertical display size.

We have also included a preliminary copy of the manual in the file called MINIMAN.TXT. While not the full manual, it will contain useful and more detailed information on using BURNOUT.

When running the 3Dfx version if you get an error about a missing DLL or Glide driver problem you will need to install the latest Glide drivers. These can be obtained from the 3Dfx web site at

If you get a video error while running the software rendered version, you may need to obtain a VESA driver. A program called UNIVBE widely available over the internet and will fix most of these problems.

The full version of Burnout contains the following features:

-20 cars to choose from, each with a unique look and feel.
-Dozens of customizable components for players to tweak to perfection.
-32 telemetry and time card data points are recorded to analyze player’s performance.
-20 tracks from various geographic locations, each with unique characteristics including several NHRA tracks.
-Multi-player support over modem, LAN and internet.
-Accurate physics including realistic modeling of engine, suspension, tires and collisions.
-Adjustable difficulty levels allow players to start winning then move up.
-Customizable game features include controls, sound, and graphics features.
-Replay, save and exchange your best races using the VCR feature.
-Multiple methods of play including practice, single race, event or race an entire season.
-Beautifully rendered cars and tracks using Bethesda’s latest XnGine technology or hardware-accelerated through 3Dfx.
-Multiple camera views and racing perspectives.
-Stereo sound effects digitized from actual drag racing vehicles.

Check your local retailer, visit our website at, or call 1-800-677-0700 to order your copy of Burnout: Championship Drag Racing today!

Copyright 1998 Bethesda Softworks. All rights reserved.

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