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Posted: Nov 17, 2023 @ 12:52 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Nov 17, 2023 @ 01:01 pm GMT-0600
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Funselektor have released a new patch for art of rally that includes a terrific number of fixes and quality of life improvements for the beautiful overhead racing title, as well as a new Australian DLC that I already previewed, adding six stages, a free roam area, four vehicles and two songs to the title.

The DLC can be purchased on Steam.


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Changelog v1.5.0

performance improvements for long sessions and when multi-tasking (e.g. alt+tab)
stability improvements for vegetation renderer indirect
framerate is no longer capped at 230 fps
custom rallies can now have up to 12 stages
windows on some houses and boats now glow at night
unlocked songs remain unlocked after resetting collectibles
last visited free roam stage is remembered
various improvements to ghost selection
added “total time” to stage post-finish menu in multiple stage rallies
career and custom rally overall results now support times longer than 1 hour (single stage results still cap at 59.59.999)
free roam views are easier to activate and can be activated by holding the button while passing through the trigger area
added extra checks for unlocking freeroam stages and some achievements
improved controller button glyphs position in enter/exit View prompts

prevented tires from clipping through road on some stages
prevented various bugs that could be triggered by a terminal damage crash
fixed various issues with saving and loading rally progress and car condition
various fixes to ghost selection in menus and leaderboard interaction
fixed a bug where some ghosts show the wrong vehicle (may not apply retroactively to existing ghosts)
retired AI now remains retired even after resuming saved rally
best time in post-finish menu shows correct locally saved best time when offline or when privacy policy is declined
recover car near finish gates no longer triggers multiple time penalties
skidmarks are cleared when entering free roam views and when recovering car
fixed issues with vehicle placement in free roam views
fixed il gorilla e1 wheel texture issues when changing liveries
fixed issues with wheel texture on some ghosts (e.g. le 504, the fujin, little monkey)
camera effects no longer remain active outside photo mode during a replay
controller vibration stops after restarting stage or recovering car
player selected audio settings are reapplied after disconnecting headphones / earbuds
fixed a bug causing screenshot names to use a 12-hour format in rare cases
fixed guardrail collider in farschewiler
fixed reset zone and prop issues in lake nakuru
fixed house texture issues in norway and kenya
reduced water foam under bridges on some stages
fixed rare leaderboard UI issue in post-finish menu
fixed rare terminal damage UI issue in post-finish menu
fixed issues with fonts for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (incl. rendering on Steam Deck)
retired leaderboard entries can no longer be used as custom ghosts
rich presence fixes for Steam and Discord
dynamic resolution option removed for Vulkan, as it’s not supported
vegetation renderer indirect option removed for Vulkan, as it’s not supported

If you’ve enjoyed the game over the years and can spare a moment for a review it’s much appreciated!

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