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Rainbow Studios have released a patch for MX vs ATV Legends that includes changes to various gameplay, physics and more.


Removed countdown timer from Split Screen so the second player can finish the race.
Changed how the reset penalty to throttle is applied. The penalty is no longer applied when wrecking or when resetting manually. The penalty is now applied only after being reset for going off-track, out of bounds, or cutting corners during races.
Season 3 leaderboard times have been wiped due to bugs which are now resolved.

Raised the threshold for rear- and side-impact wrecks; the threshold for a front impact wreck is unchanged.
Tweaked Rider Elevation Lurching to make it easier to trigger a bunny-hop.
Adjusted the power of the Assists to provide more differentiation between settings; 0%, 10%, and 100% are unchanged.

Vehicles can now be sorted by Brand in the Vehicle Selection menus.

Changed existing 2023 Suzuki bikes to 2023/2024 year-model. Owners of the 2023 Suzuki pack DLC will gain access to the 2024 BarX graphic kit, and 2024 Fly Racing Lite Suzuki team jersey and pants.
Birmingham, Indianapolis, and Seattle tracks have been dressed up for their upcoming releases.
Anaheim 1, Anaheim 2, Detroit, and Arlington tracks have been updated to be more like the real-world races.
Terrain and lighting improvements have been made on San Francisco, Glendale, Detroit, and Arlington tracks.
Updated Pyro Effects on all 2024 Supercross events during intro animation sequences.

Added new FastHouse Grindhouse gear in Twitch and Riot styles in custom colors.
Added new FastHouse gloves in Twitch and Blitz Fader styles in standard and custom colors.
Added new Rival Ink Slash graphic kits to 2023 Yamaha MX bikes.
Added new Rival Ink Segment graphic kits to 2023 Kawasaki MX bikes.
Added Pro Circuit T-6 exhausts for 4-stroke bikes in two variants: carbon and green.
Added FMF Factory 4.1 exhausts for 4-stroke bikes in several variation.
Added FMF Factory 2.1 exhausts for 2-stroke bikes in several variation.
Added custom color Thrill Seeker seats to all MX Bikes in 2021 OEM Vehicle packs.

Updated player start gate animations so the player moves into attack position before the gate drops.

Fixes & Improvements
Reduced camera movement in the Helmet camera when rider is performing idle animations.
Fixed issue allowing first laps to be logged to the Leaderboard in Exhibition races with more than 1 lap.
Fixed an issue which could cause some lap times to be rejected erroneously by the Leaderboard.
Fixed an issue causing the reset penalty to remain applied if the throttle was not released after the penalty time had elapsed.

Increased the visibility of the mini-map at varying resolutions by increasing the border thickness.
Added a shadow to the menu header text to make the text more visible on bright backgrounds.
Fixed a bug in Split Screen play which allowed a player to pause when the other player was already paused.
Fixed the Post-Race Results Menu so the top results of the list are not cutoff when placing in positions lower than 1st.
Fixed the cut-off preview images in the Online Playlists menu.
Fixed the alignment of the Online menu during race events.

Added distance fading to 2024 Supercross Finish Gate so it doesn’t block the rider’s view when crossing the finish.

Improved lap time tracking and validation between client and server.
Improved tracking, validation, and reconciliation of players’ positions along the track.
Fixed missing Leaderboard results when using the Near Me filter.
Improved accuracy of Position and Lap information shown in the HUD when Spectating.
While Spectating, the standard cameras remain consistent when switching between players.
The Race HUD is now hidden when Spectating from a track-side camera.
Player name plates now phase out at a distance when Spectating from a track-side camera.

Adjusted the angle of grips and handlebars on most MX bikes to better align rider hands, grips, and bars.

Fixed issues likely to be causing rare crashes.

Known Issues

Frame rates exceeding 60 FPS may experience visual errors and inconsistent gameplay behaviors, especially when exceeding 120 FPS.
High FOV settings may cause terrain anomalies on Birmingham
First Person – Rider’s head is tilting when proceeding from a dead stop

Custom cameras and custom camera controls are not functional when spectating Online.

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