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Posted: Oct 17, 2023 @ 02:02 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Oct 17, 2023 @ 03:13 pm GMT-0600
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In a post on Reddit today, u/atyzer pointed out that a great number of reviewers on Metacritic are showing every sign of being bots with OriginalNames like RealPeople have, serving to inflate the Forza Motorsport rating with a 10/10 score.

While there is no indication that Microsoft or Turn10 are responsible, nor does it suggest every other positive review isn’t from a real user enjoying the product, this does explain the discrepancies between the very average reviews on Steam and other review platforms compared to Metacritic.

Steam: Mixed (2,330 reviews)
Microsoft Store: 2/5 (3.1k reviews)
Metacritic: 7.9 (582 reviews – skewed heavily with 10/10 reviews)

Here are some of the totally human reviews:

The first thing that caught my attention after entering the game and starting work was the warmer and more attractive user interface of the game, which had a more friendly and personal feeling.

Another complete human:

Wonderful and unique with the least possible defects, thanks to the production team.

Another very human thing humans say:

A valuable game and worthy of high grades.

Basically, don’t trust the Metacritic score at the moment. If you are considering a Forza Motorsport purchase, check your sources or find a specific reviewer you trust to have a similar taste in games to your own.

Should the Reddit thread be taken offline you can view it archived here. Should any of the user reviews be taken offline, here are a few screenshots:

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It's a shame that a Forza game became so bad it has to rely on bots to get decent metacritic score.

"Wonderful and unique with the least possible defects, thanks to the production team."


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Under all this nonsense is not a bad game- at least it's running okay on the consoles, but that should not be the case, it should be running great with no glitches and it's not. The PC release, especially the Steam version it seems, is inexcusable. I hope they get it sorted out but, damn, they had six bloody years, right? The physics engine is pretty good, blows all previous FM titles out of the water. There are some...curious design choices to be sure but a lot of it can be sidestepped and at least they re-balanced the car levelling system.

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yes its easily a 6-7 out of 10 game. and that's not bad!! i hope they will patch it up.

the score on microsoft store seems unreasonably low really

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I gave it a 1 star review because no game should be published in the current state that Forza Motorsport is, especially when its a flagship title of the console.

Yes there is a good, fun racing game underneath the hood of Forza, but it is ruined by everything else. I could swear that no one in the company did play test this game.

So far the new patch introduced more bugs to me than it solved.

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