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Posted: Oct 18, 2023 @ 12:33 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Oct 18, 2023 @ 12:36 pm GMT-0600
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Studio 397 have updated their current test build for rFactor 2’s new multiplayer interface. The update to the recently released “RaceControl” portal addresses various issues ranging from username changes, email verification, fixes to leaderboards, server mod name modifications that should fix errors when joining and leaving practice servers and various updates for protest submissions, improved notification interactions, and an overall enhanced first-time user registration process.

Full Changelog:

– Usernames no longer support symbols.
– Changing usernames will preserve previous race results.
Protest submissions have been improved:
+ Mandatory text box for providing reasons.
+ Mandatory timestamp.
+ Clarity on what types of incidents can be protested.
– Updating email via Profile page is now possible.
Leaderboard improvements:
+ Track layout consideration added.
+ Gap calculation bug fixed.
+ Added row to showcase your time (if set).
– New designs for rank badges are now displayed.
– Error/warning messages added for practice server join failures.
– Registration process updated for clearer instructions and validations.
– Community server list bug fixed.
– Notification panels have improved buttons and interactions.
– Post-race results for Bronze Ranks are more accurate.
– Unique server mod names for each server to address “unable to install mod” errors.
– Players selecting the Cupra BTCC will not face disconnections.
– Increased DR exchange in higher level races
– Decreased SR gain potential in higher level races (this does not affect potential loss)

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It was with a (not so) heavy heart that I deleted RF2 from my PC a month ago...

For a time it was my go-to with an online friend, the racing with grids backfilled with AI was superb.

But the list of reasons it didn't wash for me was growing...

  • Handling - I never really got it right - DD1 and Fanatec ecosystem... it seemed to always be not quite right.
  • Graphics - I see the replays online and it looks fantastic. I see mine, 4k on a 3080 Ti, and it looks not-fantastic. I could never get it to look great like everyone else.
  • Arrive & Drive - My racing time is limited, I want to pick a car, have the grid filled with the same class, and go. I seemed to be forever picking cars and then trying to build a race.
  • The UI - Just no.

Ultimately I find RRRE and AMS2 both do the above well, consistently and without the hour of mucking about to get them to run properly. I genuinely think that RF2 is an old English sports car; 2-3 hours of fettling under the hood for one magical hour run, tempered by the fear of a breakdown somewhere up in the hills.

Will I go back? Unlikely, I'm filling my drives with other games now, and in reality what made the game a go-to has been nailed by AMS2, RRRE, and for outright content; AC which now I've put the time into content manager looks great, runs well, and generally ticks the "what if" car racing I enjoy at the moment. 30's racers at the long Charade track... that's fantastic that is.

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