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Rainbow Studios have deployed v2.09 for MX vs. ATV Legends, a patch that brings new matte graphics kits for more vehicles, additional features added to leaderboards, a second layer of whip/scrub physics changes and more.


Thanks to your feedback on the changes to scrubs, they are the best they have ever been. Scrubs and whips now have more freedom of movement, clearer detection and execution, and still offer major competitive benefits.
See how the best riders perform on Global Cross-Platform Leaderboards! Can you handle the competition?
Tired of going back to the compound to change vehicles or modify your tune? Well now you don’t have to! Get into the Garage, Locker, and more right in the middle of a Time Trial.
Haybales now fade away right after getting hit by a Player and also turn off their collision, until they are re-spawned. This prevents haybales from wrecking someone’s race and also prevents getting stuck on them.
New Parts! Unique matte graphic kits are now available for all MX bikes!
Sneak Peek! 2023 KTM and Husqvarna MX bikes are coming soon.
Sneak Peek! 2023 Compound pack almost here! See if you have what it takes to be a factory rider… or a motocross legend.


UI: Updated the appearance of the download progress widget.
Leaderboard: Added Cross-Platform records to the Leaderboards. Each record now displays the console on which it was generated. Results can now be filtered to display all platforms or just a specific platform family.
Environment: Adjusted materials and lighting on Savannah and Capital City, and fixed minor object placement issues.
Gameplay: Updated Time Trial to allow players to change vehicles and modify tuning during play. Changing vehicles, parts or tuning will restart the event. This change also allows players to change gear and colors without restarting the event. And it also allows players to view leaderboards, and change mode.
Gameplay: Updated Time Trial to allow UTVs to run Supercross events.
Gameplay: Added Whips, Scrubs, and Quick Scrubs to the stunt system. This allows them to be used to chain together stunt combos. This also serves as an indicator as to when a scrub is actually being performed.
Gameplay: Added Hydroplane to the stunt system.
Gameplay: Unlocked all Rainbow vehicles from the start of the game. THQN vehicles are now unlocked during the career. Have more fun with less limits right from the jump.
Gameplay: Fixed a bug with Gameplay Settings which prevented Pro Physics and some other settings from functioning correctly in Split Screen.
Gameplay: Changed the reset and collision behaviors of bales, tuffblocks, and other track markers. After the initial impact with a tuffblock, its collision is disabled and it is quickly reset back into position.
DLC: Added data for upcoming Compound DLC.
DLC: Added data for 2023 KTM and Husqvarna DLC packs.
Online: Improved the overall appearance and accuracy of rider positions and actions.
Online: Improved the accuracy and appearance other online riders riding animations when leaning, steering, sitting, and standing.
Online: Fixed a bug preventing other riders’ near-wreck animations from triggering.
Customization: Added more matte graphic kits. These kits are now available on all MX bikes.
Physics: Adjusted scrub (and whip) behaviors based on community feedback. Scrubs and whips now have more freedom of movement, clearer detection and execution, and still offer major competitive benefits. Further tuning should be expected, but it appears that all exploitable cases have been resolved.
Physics: Added options to Gameplay Settings adjust the scrub and quick scrub input deadzones.
Physics: Added options to Gameplay Settings to change the in-air gyro behavior to be similar to the wheel-spin-acceleration model used in Reflex. With this setting enabled, bikes are less prone to over-rotation when using the throttle and much more responsive to pitch adjustments when applying the brake.
Animation: Fixed various minor animation bugs.
Other: Optimized terrain deformation, improving performance game-wide by up to 1 FPS.

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