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Rainbow Studios have released their 2.08 patch, featuring a large number of fixes and tweaks to the software, bringing some decent quality of life improvements, changes to game play mechanics, bug fixes, and more.

Detailed Change Log

UI: Increased camera rotation speed and easing in the Garage and Locker menus.
UI: Increased camera rotation limits in the Garage and Locker menus to allow more freedom to view gear and parts on the Rider and Vehicle.
UI: Fixed various camera focus issues when viewing specific parts and gear in the Garage and Locker menus.
UI: Removed track path preview and best lap time display from Freeride events in Exhibition menu.
UI: Removed Difficulty option from the Event Settings in Squad Custom Events.
UI: Improved visibility of incomplete Career events in long series by selecting and highlighting that event by default when accessing a career.
UI: Improved visibility of wheel and tire thumbnail images in the Garage menu.
UI: Added a download indicator to the Main Menu to display streaming install progress.
UI: Took down Halloween decorations and put them into storage.
Leaderboard: Added version tracking and filtering to the leaderboard. Currently allows filtering of records made on the current game version.
Leaderboard: Added the option to view Leaderboard records from the track selection menus in Exhibition.
Leaderboard: Added the option to launch a Time Trial or Quick Match event from the Leaderboard menu.
Leaderboard: Fixed minor issues with the input legend and filters.
Leaderboard: Resolved issue preventing record times being posted for Axell Breaker.
Leaderboard: Improved reliability of leaderboards and added more internal error reporting.
Leaderboard: Added feature to automatically retry sending leaderboard records generated while offline.
Environment: Fixed a bug preventing some light fixtures from casting light during Night events in the Throwback Pack DLC.
Gameplay: Fixed “pause glitch” which eliminated near-wreck animations and penalties when pausing.
DLC: Added data for upcoming DLC Vehicle Packs: 2023 Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. And some bonus gear.
Customization: Added Alpinestars Supertech M10 Red Bull helmet.
Customization: Added graphic kits with a matte finish to some MX bikes, including all MX vs. ATV brands, all 2023 GasGas, and some others. These kits will appear on all OEM bikes in a future update!
Physics: When landing backwards, the bike can travel backwards for about 2 seconds before the reverse wobbles start to occur (if moving at about 40 mph).
Physics: Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs have been adjusted to prevent “quick-scrub glitch”, and a scrub bug was also fixed that triggered a regular scrub when trying to do a quick-scrub.
Physics: Updated chassis collision profile to improve interactions with extreme terrain deformation and some common objects.
Physics: Made Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs more realistic by adding rotational inertia at the start of the scrub. This adds a sense of momentum and prevents the bike from quickly snapping straight and upright.
Physics: Fixed bug that would allow Scrubs to trigger when trying to do Quick-Scrubs.
Physics: Tweaked requirements to perform Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs. Requirements to initiate a scrub are more restrictive to prevent Scrubs or Quick-Scrubs from happening in inappropriate conditions.
Physics: Made Clutch Boost in 3rd gear and up a tiny bit weaker. 1st and 2nd gear are unaffected.
Animation: Fixed issue allowing the vehicle to turn and handlebars to rotate when performing a “Seat Stand” stunt in the air.
Animation: Fixed many minor hand and body position animation issues on ATVs.
Animation: Adjusted the rider skeleton to prevent the shoulders raising up too far during some animations.
Animation: Changed the wreck animation for heavy bottom hits for something more appropriate.
Animation: Sped-up the near-wreck animation for front impacts.
Animation: Slowed Rider Elevation a bit to prevent the Rider from standing up and sitting down so quickly when rapidly providing inputs.
Graphics: Adjusted LODs on grips to prevent them from crunching down further than necessary.
Other: Improved reliability regarding game saves occurring during console suspend/shutdown, especially during loading screens.
Other: Added additional logging for diagnostic reports.

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