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In the past week Ian Bell, CEO of Straight4 Studios, has posted more work-in-progress images from GTRevival on Twitter, showcasing the 3D grass visuals, lighting, and what appears to be the announced Lister Storm GT along with a Ferrari 550 and Dodge Viper GTS.

Car showcasing:

Grass detail:

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Really wonder whether these will be anything like the release. forza uses different graphics engine at release than they showed in early screens and trailers

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Cough west-racing Cough... (That site is still live too, how mad is that - not linking though, it's not got a cert for it, so bad mmmkay)

But seriously, it does look amazing, but if we see a picture of a fancy transport truck I'm tapping out.

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I can't remember if you have commented on it, but did you see the West brothers are now developing Ages of Speed? ;)

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I haven't commented on it, and I am torn... it reads really well, but I think I might be a "make it look real" snob - we'll see!
For now, GTRevival is my next must-have purchase, a year away (at least) as it is. I have plenty in the meantime to keep me busy racing! (maybe a DLC or two in the meantime!!)

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I've been looking at these pictures for days. I know current gen consoles couldn't keep up with this level of detail, but I'm quite hyped for it.

Finally got GTR2 running with all HQ Anniversary patch and Crewchief goodness. It's an incredible experience still, if GTRevival can "only" match that feeling I will be very happy.

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I'm personally always disappointed when PC users don't at least get the option to push the limits just to make things even with consoles, and if you are designing a current sim title you have to really hope it will be used through at least a couple of generations of GPUs. If you are designing a product now you really should be looking at a couple of GPU generations into the future.

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There's a heap of shareholder satisfaction and benefits realisation tied up in it alas, it's always about the money...
Do you release a game that has longevity and add to it, or a game that you can pump out at regular intervals?

AMS2 I'd say has somewhat done the former - releasing a base and then adding DLC & updates, and I love them for it. But it will be interesting to see how modding AMS2 affects that value chain though - for example, AC and all the mods aren't generating massive income for Kunos now I bet, except maybe in the locked-down consoles.

F1 '2x is the opposite, as much because they can (it's a highly volatile class of racing) but also because they can monetise the re-selling of the game. Of course, a decent base and packs for each season could work too I'm sure.

But we live in a time of instant (at least annual) profits and share dividends - driving the time/quality down and the margins up. No time to code into the future!

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