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With their 2023 Season 4 Patch 2 this week iRacing added the Honda engine variant for the Super Formula SF23, allowing users to select from Toyota or Honda. If you do not own the SF23 then it is a single purchase to get both variants. Even with the surprise car engine, this is a normal build, with an array of fixes you can read about in the build notes below.

Their text:

The Honda-powered edition of the Super Formula SF23 is now available on iRacing! It joins the Toyota-powered version of the car, which was released with the deployment of 2023 Season 4 content earlier this month. Both the Honda and Toyota versions of the SF23 are included in the same content package, so users who have already purchased the Toyota will receive the Honda automatically, and users who purchase the SF23 moving forward will receive both cars.

Debuting in the 2023 Super Formula season, the SF23 is the third open-wheel car developed by the Italian manufacturer Dallara for Japan’s premier open-wheel racing series. From a visual standpoint, the SF23 evolves from its predecessor by introducing new aerodynamics designed to produce more overtaking. From a sustainability one, the new design reduces carbon dioxide emissions in raw materials and manufacturing by 75% thanks to new, natural materials, while even the Yokohama tires used on the car use significantly more renewable raw materials while maintaining the performance of previous tires.

Super Formula cars are powered by high-performance, turbocharged 2.0-liter I4 engines built by Honda or Toyota, each capable of producing more than 540 horsepower. Each is equipped with a push-to-pass overtaking system that allows for up to 200 seconds of additional fuel burn in each race.

Full build notes:

iRACING: (8.39.0)



All tables displayed throughout iRacing have been updated so that they always show the most important and relevant information regardless of the iRacing window width.

– – This means the most important information for all tables will remain, even if the iRacing window is extremely narrow. Also, as window width increases, a logical priority of additional columns will be added to the user’s view while maintaining optimal legibility and column width.

– – This also means some items are no longer visible at some breakpoints. Typically this information is available by either making the UI wider, decreasing the scale, or clicking on a row to open the relevant menu.

Logic added to prevent the Updater from being launched more than once, even if Update is clicked multiple times.

– – This should prevent users from getting into a state where they need to manually execute the iRacingUpdater.tmp.exe in order to complete the update process.

Fixed an issue that could cause iRacing to fail to load when freshly installed and using a screen resolution of 1920×1080 or smaller.

Fixed an issue that could cause iRacing to fail to refresh when Maintenance mode ended.


An event log table is now available on the Results screen.

– – It appears below the Results table and displays the lap number, time, and event description. It also includes checkboxes that highlight the associated rows in the table when selected.

– – There is another update coming to improve the behavior of the “Highlight By Event” selection to allow it to work for big, some might say “Special”, events.

Paint Shop

Fixed an issue with rendering cars.



Race Control

Fixed an issue where some Drive Through Penalties were behaving like Stop-and-Go Penalties.

Fixed an issue that could allow the “Ready to Race” button to appear when a registered driver was already in the final Session of an event, and there were no additional Sessions for which to be ready.


Fixed an issue that could cause older track surfaces to appear extra shiny.

Fixed an issue where car paints could shuffle onto incorrect cars when a Session’s video memory requirements greatly exceeded the GPU’s dedicated RAM. For example, when running a very large session on an older GPU. In this case, texture quality needed to be reduced to fit the Session into video memory, and that was interfering with the Simulation’s car paint management.

Fixed an issue where the Simulation only supported 44 paint jobs if the user’s GPU VRAM allocation was set to less than one gigabyte in the Graphics Options. So if the field was more than 44 cars and the GPU was older, some of the cars would remain unpainted.

Fixed an issue where if a car in a Session had an invalid paint scheme or invalid paint files, it could cause other cars to appear untextured or white.

Fixed an issue where if there was a car visible in the world, but the previous driver had exited the car, the car would not repaint until a driver got back into the car.


The selection order for the Driver Audio Filters have been reorganized in order of intensity.

Fixed an issue that was causing extra static sounds in the Spotter/Crew Chief and Voice Chat channels.

Spotter – Crew Chief

Requested damage report calls will now be received regardless of the chattiness level.

Spotter – Foreign Language

The Russian Dmitry Eniseev spotter pack has been updated.

– – Spasibo, Dmitry!



ARCA Menards Chevy / Gen 4 Cup

(ARCA Menards Chevy) – iRacing setups for Kern County Raceway Park have been added.

Audi R8 GT3

A logo stamp position from the top of the hood has been removed since it was conflicting with the number board.

Dallara IR18

iRacing setups have been updated.

Ferrari 296 GT3

For the New Damage Model, substantially lowered the break limits for the engine cover.

For the New Damage Model, fixed an issue where the rear wing could fail to break even if the rear panels were broken.

Fixed a dashboard issue with the display of tire pressure in Metric units.

Fixed an issue where cockpit mirrors would fail to render when the Old Damage Model was in use.

Fixed an issue where the vehicle engine sound emitters were incorrectly in the front of the vehicle.

Fixed a rendering order issue with the driver’s right foot and the gas pedal at certain camera distances.

Ford Mustang FR500S

For the New Damage Model, the front suspension has been strengthened to reduce potential damage from curb strikes.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO

Fixed an issue where the rear wing was using an incorrect pivot point when viewed from inside the cockpit.

Lotus 79

iRacing setups have been updated.

Porsche 963 GTP

Ambient occlusion of the footwell has been improved.

Garage parameters have been updated to reduce the likelihood that fringe setups fail tech once loaded into the world.

Ray FF1600

Fixed an issue where cockpit mirrors would fail to render when the Old Damage Model was in use.

Super Formula SF23


– A new Honda model version of the Super Formula SF23 is now available for use!

– – The Honda model version of the Super Formula SF23 comes with the New Damage Model enabled, and is AI Racing ready!

– – All customers who already own the Super Formula SF23 (Toyota model version) immediately gain access and ownership of this new Honda model version.

– – Any customer who purchases the Super Formula SF23 now gains access and ownership of BOTH the Honda and Toyota model versions.

Repair bindings have been updated to fix an issue that was preventing the front wings from being repaired.

Helmet visor tear-offs are now enabled for this car.

Fixed an issue where the start page on the digital display was not rendering correctly.

Fixed an issue where the vehicle engine and transmission sound emitters were incorrectly in the front of the vehicle.

Adjusted the position of the driver name on the roll hoop to better suit longer names.

Paint templates have been updated for areas that should appear as carbon fiber.

iRacing setups have been updated.

[Legacy] V8 Supercars Holden VF Commodore – 2014

Fixed an issue that prevented this car from receiving service in the pits.



Circuit Zandvoort

(Oostelijk) – Pole sitter and odd positions now start on the right side during rolling starts.

Flags have been added to the pit building.

Fixed some issues with the pit walls and Turn 1 barriers appearing to flicker as the camera changed distances from them while using certain camera settings.

Fixed some issues with some environment objects appearing to flicker as the camera changed distances from them.

Fuji International Speedway

An additional gain-time checkpoint has been added to the final corner.

– – This is to prevent using the runoff area to get an advantage when taking the green for qualifying.

Homestead Miami Speedway

Removed a patch of racing dirt surface from near a Turn 1 curb that could confuse Race Control.

Kansas Speedway

The paved area below the innermost white line on the back stretch is now considered an apron.

– – This should prevent cars that are stopped here from causing full course cautions.

Kern County Raceway Park

(Asphalt & Legends) – Fixed an issue where the dynamic track surface was not behaving correctly.

(Asphalt) Added two missing caution lights.

Fixed an issue with the radio towers appearing to flicker as the camera changed distances from them.

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