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Frontier today released their 1.8 patch for F1 Manager 2023 and it fixes a large number of issues that were present in the software. As far as I’ve seen this takes care of near every major user-reported issue.


– Fixed AI using same tyre compound for entire race after red flag in Sprints
– Fixed AI using same tyre compound for entire race after saving on pre-race screen
– Improved the level of impact of rubber on track across sessions
– Reduced the chances of car-on-car collisions during Practice and Qualifying and slightly increased the chance of spins and running wide during Qualifying
– Fixed cars slowing down in Singapore sector 3
– Further improvements made to drivers avoiding crashed/stationary cars on track
– Improvements made to traffic in Qualifying causing issues for cars on flying laps
– Ensured Q3 soft tyre is unlocked for all drivers, including those that didn’t make Q3
– Fixed issue where optimal pit lap dilemma would sometimes not pause the race
– Fixed issue where flying lap count set sometimes was not followed in the session

– Updated Monza to be an ATA qualifying weekend [NEW SAVES ONLY]

– Fixed issue where Board Confidence could show as ‘Disappointing’ after joining new team
– Corrected body text of new team email when switching teams

– Re-balanced Research/Design slider expertise gains
– Fixed total cost of hiring calculating incorrectly when hiring replacement driver/staff for next season
– Fixed Car Building attribute having inverse effect
– Fixed hired F2/F3 drivers from still appearing in F2/F3 standings

– Fixed exploit that allowed pit crew to remain at 100% fatigue between races with no penalty
– Adjusted pit crew xp gain and degradation rates
– Fixed first day of month not counting toward stat degradation
– Increased variation of AI pit stop times
– Fixed issue where total pit stop time did not match sum of actions in pit stop breakdown

– Fixed Charles Leclerc patchy LOD hair in cinematics (Sorry Charles!)
– Fixed garage scene showing member of pit crew wearing drivers helmet
– Fixed clipping in Marina Bay intro cinematic
– Fixed clipping in garage shots

– F1 driver photos updated
– Fixed projected cost cap UI not updating correctly
– Fixed issue where scrolling scouting menus with a controller was unpredictable after highlighting bookmark column
– Fixed code string appearing in Next Season Staff tooltip
– Fixed ‘Race Winner’ appearing on event view in Practice and Qualifying
– Fixed replaced driver being displayed next to ‘Renewal’ after changing driver position during contract renewal
– Fixed ‘Seasons as team principal’ not updating on profile page
– Fixed panel borders appearing incorrectly when ‘Laps to go’ notification appears
– Updated run plan descriptions to clarify that out laps are counted in the run plan
– Fixed email reading ‘0 days to go’ after renewing contract on last day of year
– Fixed issue where times set by drivers in Q2 and Q3 were sometimes not visible until hovered over after simulating session
– Updated chevrons on tyre state when overheating to more accurately reflect impact on wear rate

– Fixed crash that could occur when designing new suspension, then highlighting “Brake Cooling”
– Fixed progression blocker when hiring a reserve driver at end of season
– Fixed softlock that could occur when repeatedly pressing R2/RT controller buttons during end of season fanfares
– Fixed softlock that could occur after pressing New Career with existing save games present
– Fixed progression blocker that could occur when designing car part during tutorial
– Game will now pause when Steam overlay is opened during a race

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