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Codemasters and EA released F1 23 v1.15 a couple of days ago, adding the 2023 F2 roster and updating the 2023 F1 cars with any changes to vehicle geometry, bodywork, sponsors, colors and team attire. You can see a video of a before/after comparison, the v1.15 build notes and details of what F1 visuals were altered since game launch below these F2 screenshots:

Launch/v1.15 Comparison Video:

View this video on YouTube: and please consider subscribing to RSC’s main channel.

Build notes:

– Addition of the F2™ 2023 season in-game
– Addition of ‘F1® Pro Series’ drivers to the Icon driver pool in My Team
– Sports Update for F1® 23, changes to vehicle geometry, bodywork, sponsors, colours, and team attire have all been made
– Fixed an issue where the Singapore Grand Prix was incorrectly 61 laps instead of 62
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to get ‘Speeding under the Safety Car’ penalties when entering the pits with a negative delta time
– Fixed an incorrect bump on the pitlane entry of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, potentially unsettling the car
– Fixed an issue with corner cutting and track limits at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. This necessitates TT leaderboards for Las Vegas to be reset in this patch
– Fixed an issue where the front suspension on the official cars was not attached to the wheel
– Fixed an issue where textures on top of the halo were not correct on the Ferrari SF-23
– General Stability Improvements
– Various Minor Fixes

Changes to the F1 bodies:

Alfa Romeo

The Italian outfit’s list of changes includes tweaks to the front spoilers, flaps, and wings, as well as alterations to the nose shape and camera pod positions. The front suspension area and mid-section bottom have been modified, with the sidepod air intake and halo cutline adjusted. Other changes include updates to the windscreen shape, removal of the side cooling grid, and adjustments to the floor, DRS flap, and rear diffuser.

In terms of sponsors, several have been removed, including AximTrade from the nose, CryptoDATA and Wispr from the front flaps, Sauber from the front central flap, and Group Nossa from the nose.


The car of French duo Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon has seen the rear wing main plate adjusted, the front fence re-shaped, and winglets added to the halo. Additionally, the side pod has been slightly altered.

For sponsors, the @alpinecars logo has been removed from the inside of the halo, with @alpineesports added in its place. Furthermore, the Trak Racer logo can now be seen on the mirror brackets. The BWT logo, previously located at the rear of the steering wheel, has been removed, and the Ecowatt logo can now be found on the wheel fins.


There are fewer but equally substantial updates to AlphaTauri’s car. The side mirrors have been reshaped in the upper section. The rear section of the side pods has been rebuilt, and a new ‘crease’ detail has been added to the front section. Finally, the floor of the car alongside the rear wing has been completely rebuilt.

Aston Martin

As for Aston Martin, alterations focus on the floor body centre, rear wing end plates, top canopy, shark fin, side pods, front wing main plate, front wing end plates, and front wing flaps.

There are significant changes to sponsors on the car. Valvoline has been added to several areas. TikTok and DBX707 feature on the halo, while NexGen has been added to both the halo and nose cone. The safety cell now features the Bombardier logo and the Porto logo has been updated. Wolfgang has been added to the nose cone, and Boss has been moved to the inside of the front wing end plates. The nose now displays the updated 110 Aston Martin logo, and Banco Master has been added to the rear wing end plate.

Scuderia Ferrari

Next up, Ferrari who’s most noticeable change is a new lick of paint in-game. The side mirrors were reshaped in the upper section and the floor has been completely rebuilt, as have the side pods. The top canopy has been adjusted to align with the new side pods. The upper bodywork has undergone reconstruction in the lower section and adjustment in the upper section. Additionally, the rear wing has been updated with a new side corner shape and a new support has been added.

As for sponsors, the AWS logo position has been adjusted, whereas Shell and the Scuderia Ferrari App logos were both relocated to the fairing section of the halo. Frecciarossa has been removed. Finally, Mahle and Santander were both moved towards the centre of the car.

Haas F1 Team

The changes made to the Haas team are subtle. They include changes to the front wing end plates, front and rear wing flaps and a tweak to the main nose sensor.


The modifications made to McLaren’s MCL60 include an addition of fins to the rear of the halo, the installation of side mirrors and supports, and the inclusion of a sidepod intake and changes to the sidepods themselves. There are also alterations to the rear wing end plates, an added top canopy alongside changes to the floor edge and body of the car.

Onto sponsors, Accelerating Web 3 has been added to the rear wing and Senna has been moved to the driver surround. Chrome and DP World are included on the halo, as is HaloITSM. The base of the halo now displays #TeamBahrain. Lastly, OKX has been removed from the sidepods.


Moving onto Mercedes, who have introduced dramatically different sidepods in addition to new wing mirrors and a change to the shape of the rear wing. There’s an added fin piece to the rear crash structure and an extra piece to the rear of the floor. The front suspension mount and position of the front suspension arm have been tweaked. Lastly, there are updates to the front wing end plate shape and the rear wing shape.

Red Bull Racing

2023 Constructors’ Championship winning team Red Bull have had a number of changes as well. Sidepods are updated and the floor of the car has also been modified. The rear wing now has fixed flaps and the nose of the car has been altered. Changes have also been made to the front wing flaps and rear wheel hubs.

Just three sponsor changes for Red Bull: The removal of Claro and addition of A1 on the inner front wing end plate, plus, Sui added to the halo.


Last but not least, the Williams team. Their changes include the addition of a flap to the floor endplate, lower winglets on the rear wing, and a shark fin. Finally, a carbon fin has been incorporated beneath the car.

A handful of sponsor changes too. has been removed and Kraken has been added to the inside of the halo. CausaLens has been added to the mirrors and JuliaHub to the wheel fins.

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really cool how you have showed them all as a video

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They actually had the videos on the EA site but they were split up under each team's information. I just stuck them together. :)

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