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Hey, remember when I said that F1 23 had issues in my review? Here are the issues they fixed in the v1.09 patch last week:

– Fixed an issue where players could take control of their car in the pitlane after using flashback when exiting the pits
– Fixed an issue where, in some instances, players could get disqualified from the race in multiplayer when being disqualified from the formation lap
– Fixed an issue where looking around while in the cockpit was reduced
– Fixed an issue where drivers would have incorrect helmets after changing team in Career modes
– Fixed an issue where Casper Akkermann, Devon Butler and Jamie Chadwick had incorrect helmets when chosen as a teammate in Grand Prix
– Fixed an issue where gamertags would sometimes show in unexpected areas
– Fixed an issue where equal performance was always enabled in LAN modes
– Fixed an issue where, in some instances, race sessions would not load with UDP telemetry connected
– General Stability Improvements
– Various Minor Fixes

They also tweaked F1 World to more closely match real gameplay levels:

– All F1® World events that previously matched the player’s Tech Level have been adjusted to match to a slightly lower Tech Level
– F1® World Tech Level ‘Modifier’ setting can now be applied to all Solo events that use Tech Level, allowing optional difficulty increases
– The F1® World Tech Level ‘Modifier’ setting has been updated to allow any value from zero to +150 (previously -100 to +100)
– Lower Tech Level events in F1® World will now scale as player Tech Level increases

Here are the issues not yet fixed but will be in the next patch:

– Blurry textures at mid-long range distances (PC)
– All drivers wear black suits when using Equal Performance in Grand Prix (F1® World)

Here are the issues not yet fixed that isn’t yet scheduled for a patch:

– Safety car delta jumping when entering the pits at Monaco
– Tyre wear at 100% on race start after an F2™ Sprint race
– Graphical corruption when looking backwards in the pitlane at Silverstone
– Unexpected bump at Spain pit entry
– Track limits throughout Las Vegas
– Multiple track limit warnings at Australia, Turn 4
– Goals being locked in F1® World
– Loss of Force Feedback on Thrustmaster T300 (PC) (Click here for more information)
– Issues with Force Feedback on Logitech wheels (Click here for more information)
– Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Lens Flare, and Filters options are non-functioning in Photo Mode (HDR)
– Pixelated/jagged texture effect on Halo in Night races
– Sponsor boards in Singapore are unlit for some players (Xbox & PlayStation)
– Low framerate when driving through smoke
– Logitech TrueForce is unavailable on Xbox
– Other various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms

While there is no doubt EA are working hard this is a bit ridiculous. If you honestly can line up the changelogs of v1.09, v1.08, v1.07, v1.06 and v1.05 then tell me the software should have been released in the state (or, reviewed as positively as) it was, then I honestly don’t know what else to tell you.

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