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Posted: Apr 4, 2020 @ 02:42 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 11:19 am GMT-0600
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The first official update for the Early Access release of AMS2 is now available. It include a decent number of big and small fixes bringing the title closer to it’s official 1.0 release.V0.8.0.1 CHANGELOG:

Adjusted rain spray parameters – slightly longer draw distance & slower decay
Raised default Camera World Movement from 50 to 75, reduced G Force Effect from 50 to 25 (resulting in less default cockpit camera movement)

Added game version number to main menu screen
Desaturated Championship & Time Trial panels in Main Menu to better illustrate current unavailability
Adjusted order and included Start button in Test Day / Custom Event menu (allows pressing start button with cursor+ accept button as well as gamepad start button)
Added missing track background screens & trackmaps for Snetterton
Corrected F-V10 livery thumbnails

Slightly adjusted tyre tread physics for F-Classic Gens 2&3, SuperV8, MIT Lancer, F-Vee, Opala, Ultima GTR, Copa Truck, Caterhams, karts
Slightly reduced pneumatic trail for slick tyres & adjusted max steering rack forces to suit (results in slightly more consistent FFB)
Fixed error in suspension rates of SuperV8, Sprint Race which could lead to excessive bouncing midcorner and other handling woes
Adjusted differential locks for all Caterham models with LSD
Adjusted brake response curve & reduced default brake pressure to 90% for all cars
Fixed error in Ultima GTR Race rear brakes which would cause it to lock rear wheels easily
Reduced brake torque for Superkart
Fixed missing rear pre-warmed tyres for F3, Roco 001
Adjusted AI dry tyres for Caterhams, Touring Car Classics, Ultima GTR, ARC Camaro, F-Vintage, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Adjusted AI wet tyres for StockV8, Sprint Race, Superv8, Caterham, F-Classic, Touring Car Classics, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Fixed Chevette 5th gear ratio

Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed windscreen textures issue
Ultima GTR: Fixed shifting animation (manual instead of paddles); Added chrome stripes to some liveries; Fixed wheels and exhaust vertex AO; Added backfire animations
Caterham 620R: Updated several liveries (adding some metallic variations)
Formula Vintage: Added missing lower LOD models (which could cause cars to disappear in lower car detail settings)

Jerez: Complementary art pass & fixes
Snetterton: Fixed curbs & added 3D marbles to both layouts

To users still struglling with brake sensitivity, please make sure to callibrate your controller to try ensure the full range is being correctly used.

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