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Posted: Oct 31, 2019 @ 07:26 am GMT-0600
Updated: Feb 13, 2023 @ 11:01 am GMT-0600
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In the past week Kunos have pushed a couple of hotfix updates to 1.1 that based on the release notes fix a significant amount of issues. Check Steam for updates.

Here is more information on 1.1 itself.

Here are the full release notes:


Fixed a bug with the wrong driver name/race number in Timetables.
Servers will now do more reasonable track randomization (2019 tracks plus Zolder 2018).
Prevented a potential flood of messages to the backend.

Fixed #62 sprint cup entry having the wrong driver lineup.
Entry-related fixes.
Fixed drastic AI skill variation in FP and Q sessions creating unrealistic starting grids in race weekends.

Fixed car selection page wrong team indication when changing the driver name after selecting a livery variant.
Localization updates.
The race schedule now hides in a compact garage view.

Spark emitter position tweaks.
Various livery updates.
Minor updates to Zandvoort and Spa.

Fixed inconsistency between AI and player car speed under pit limiter.
Pit limiter speed limit now closer to 50kph.
Stricter pit limiter tolerance against speeding.

Fixed realtime leaderboard gap for close-range cases.
HUD: margins can now be adjusted to up to half the maximum available screen resolution.
HUD: countdown widget moved lower so as to not obscure virtual mirror.
Options: separated session info from lap time info widgets.
Options: floating point value rounding fixes for scale.
MFD: remember last selected panel through sessions/menu-rebuilding.
Pit page in MP: 2 second mandatory delay for drive button enabling – server-set delay applied on top of that.
Pit page in MP: controller navigation tweaks for easier navigation to/from the chat widget.
Pit page: proper hiding of the event schedule when there is only one session available.
Replay UI: better handling of time slider mouse control, time indicator now updates while being dragged, possible fix for slider lock-up while using the free camera.
Replay UI: fixed play/pause affecting replay speed.
Fixed wind direction widget.

Porsche 991 GT3-R EVO rear wing setup maximum value fix (0-11 range).
Porsche 991 GT3-R EVO fix for wet front tyres.
Better brake force when pad are cold
Audi R8 EVO more powerful base FFB
AMR V8 GT3 fixed fuel tank capacity (120l)

Removed XBOX 360 gamepad preset from DirectInput device presets.
Fixed exit game hangs with Fanatec hardware and the Fanatec app enabled.

Various livery updates.
Revised foot animations in cars with three pedals.
Wet tyre indicator added to the Porsche 991II GT3-R display.

Fixed bodywork audible in TV cameras.

Server has a new way to handle the limits for connections, spectators, driver swapping and car slots.
Number of available car slots are now limited by the pit count – private servers only.
Raised control lock time by 15 seconds when teleported to pits.
MP server: replaced maxClients, maxClientsOverride, spectatorSlots by maxConnections and maxCarSlots.
Updated server handbook v5.
Server: Fixed ambientTemperature not being used for static conditions (will still vary based on sun angle).
Server: Fixed cloud levels set to a minimum of 0.6 when rain chance is used in dynamic conditions (increasing heavy rain chances big times).

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