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Posted: Apr 28, 2023 @ 08:11 pm GMT-0600
Updated: Apr 28, 2023 @ 08:21 pm GMT-0600
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A new mod has been released by Lee Bowden to use in GEM+ to patch Grand Prix Legends to run at 144 frames per second. Like the 60fps patch, this update is not compatible with AI, GPLRA and only users running this patch can join servers setup to run with it. - 629KB

Text from the readme:

144 FPS Patch v1.0
28 Apr 2023
Lee Bowden


Provides up to 144 Frames Per Second in Training and Multiplayer (Online) modes.


1. Single Race and Championship modes are disabled because the AI doesn’t work properly.
2. Not compatible with the GPLRA program. The program’s author was contacted, but the source code was lost; therefore, it can’t be updated.
3. Flagmen wave their flags much faster.

How To Install:

1. Place the 77G 144 FPS patch in one of the following locations:
A. GPLSecrets/GEM+/Options directory. The GPLSecrets directory is normally located at the root level of the C drive. The patch will be used by all mods.
B. GPL Installation/mods/GEM+/mod name/Options directory. The patch will only be used by this mod.
2. Open GEM+ and select the 77G 144 FPS patch checkbox in the drop down list. Click on the green button to cause GEM+ to rebuild the mod .exe.


If using a monitor with less than a 144 Hz refresh rate, turn off VSync! VSync limits the FPS to the monitor’s refresh rate. Expect possible screen tearing with VSync turned off.
1. Right click on the desktop to open the NVidia Control Panel app, select 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings, select Vertical Sync Off
2. AMD graphics cards have a similar VSync setting. Open the AMD Radeon Settings app, click on Global Settings/Wait For Vertical Refresh, select Always Off in the drop down list.
Don’t expect to see 144 FPS at all times as FPS depends on your PC’s cpu and graphics card capabilities. It’s not unusual to see less than 144 FPS on high demand tracks such as Spa 67 in the pits.
You may have to delete the existing controls.cfg file from your GPL Installation/Players/Player Name directory to recalibrate your controls on first time patch use.
You may quickly turn the patch on and off by selecting or deselecting the patch’s GEM+’s checkbox.
Replays are saved normally and can be viewed with a 144 FPS patched .exe or use the rpydump program instead.
Best Lap times are not saved to the player.ini file. This prevents mixing of 36, 60, and 144 FPS best laps at GPLRank. If further testing shows that there is no appreciable speed difference with the patch, this limitation will be removed in a future revision.
Server code is modified to prevent players who are not using the 144 FPS patch from joining a 144 FPS server.
GPL’s Alt F to view the FPS can cause a large frame rate hit. Use a separate program such as FRAPS to view the frame rate.


Extra Patches:

The original ’55 F1 mod’s brake fade patch doesn’t work properly at 144 FPS. Included is a new 78B 55 F1 Mod Brake Fade v2 patch that works at 36, 60, and 144 FPS. Place it in your ’55 F1 mod’s installation/mods/GEM+/gpl55 directory. Remove the original 78B patch from the same directory.
The ’69 F1 Extra mod uses different server code for online races than the other mods and a unique 144 FPS patch is needed. Use the new 77G 144 FPS 69 F1 Extra patch by placing it in your ’69 F1 Extra mod’s installation/mods/GEM+/69-extra/Options directory. Do not select or use the basic 144 FPS patch with this mod online.
The original Tachometer patch, v.04, doesn’t work properly at 144 FPS. Included is a new Tachometer patch v.07 that works at 36, 60, and 144 FPS.
If you are a trackpad user, Options and Setup Menu button clicks may be too fast. Slower button click patches are included for you.

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Lee certainly is the maestro when it comes to patches. Great stuff, Lee! :)

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Indeed Lee is the Patch Master :D

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Hi, I know I’m in the wrong place here but can someone point me to the general GPL forum?

Sorry I’m cr@p at using pages like this and can’t find it.


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